Monday, January 12, 2009


We spent Christmas break in sunny southern California with Josh's family. It was such a nice change compared to the freezing, snowy Utah. Josh and I slept in a lot, (napped too), read, and enjoyed being around all our family. It was so nice having all of Josh's siblings there. We also played games quite a bit. A nightly game of Killer Bunnies was common. One game of Killer Bunnies was particularly intense and lasted a couple hours or so. We had to have an intermission during it! Ticket to Ride was another favorite game to play. In addition to that, we went to movies (Twilight and Marley and Me), had some delicious Golden Spoon, shopped, played Wii, went to wedding receptions, and did a lot of hanging out and talking.

Josh's family opens their presents on Christmas Eve (now that all their kids are grown) because they are all in much better and happier moods (compared to being woken up early). Plus no one minds having their pictures taken since they are all already showered and dressed. I was quite opposed to this at first. I didn't think it would be Christmas-like without waking up early to open your presents. But, I admit, I did enjoy the nighttime present opening and being able to sleep in late on Christmas day. We got a ton of great presents such as the Twilight pajamas (we're wearing them in the picture above). Wendy (Josh's mom) got all of the kids Twilight pajamas. They were all different with the different sayings on the shirts but had similar flannel bottoms.

We also took some family pictures at Sears a few days after Christmas. They turned out really well and it didn't take as long as I thought it would with all 12 of us, including an 8-month old baby. Here are a few of them.
We had a wonderful 2-week break!!! The best was hanging out with family!