Friday, January 25, 2013

Reese- 2 Months

I mentioned it in my last post, but my sweet baby girl is now 2 months old!  I think it has gone a lot faster with my second kid.  I looked down at her today while she was nursing and couldn't believe how much she's grown in these 2 short months.  Her 2 month doctor appt is next week.  I'm excited to find out how big she is and what the percentiles are.

 Here is my sweet baby girl at 2 months old!

 How cute is that owl by the way?!  Reese came with me to our first trip to Anthropologie here in Lexington.  It just opened.  And I couldn't resist getting this cutie owl for her. :)  I'm so excited we have our own Anthropologie here just minutes away!  Just in time for us to move away in a few months.  That's probably a good thing for my wallet. ;)

Oh just look at those chubby cheeks, I love them!

I'm just thrilled to report that nursing is going great!  It was at this point (2 months) with Grayson that I finally completely gave up on nursing him and switched to bottles.  We just could not get the hang of it and it was so painful and he couldn’t latch on and you get the idea.  I felt a sense of relief but also guilt.  I felt guilty I couldn’t do what other moms could for their babies.  I knew it was the right decision for us, but I still wished it had turned out differently.  Gray has turned out just fine, of course, and healthy and happy.  But when I found out I was pregnant again, I wanted so badly for this time to be different.  I knew of friends who, like me, had trouble nursing their first babies but were able to with their second.  So I hoped and prayed the whole time that I would be able to nurse this baby.  Well, my prayers were answered because, although it WAS difficult in the beginning, we figured out this nursing thing!  Reese was able to latch on and I learned some more helpful things to help us get it right and prevent pain.  I’ve heard different times from other moms about how long it takes before nursing isn’t painful .  For me it was around 5-6 weeks.  It felt like a long time, but it was SO worth it!  I’m so grateful for this blessing!

Here are some pictures during this past month.

Gray "cuddling" with Reese in his crib.

I just love the looks on their faces!

sharing his sippy

"Go away Mom, I'm sleeping."

Grayson loves going on the jungle gym with Reese.

"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home."

My sweet firstborn, love him to pieces!

Right before church on Sunday.

Why yes, I did have to bribe Gray to sit so well and look for these pictures.

I love Reese's little sweater dress, too cute!

Slow down baby girl! Please stay little for Momma!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Watch This

So my family, mostly my annoying little sister Angelyn ;), have been bugging me about putting up some videos of Reese.  Specifically, the all-important smiling one!  So for whoever is interested, watch away!

Oh, and also today Reese is 2 months old!!! What?!?! Crazy how time has been flying.

Just hanging out yesterday

Not sharing
{For the record, Grayson usually loves playing in his crib with her. He was being a stinker that day.}

Playing guitar {thanks Nana!}

Reese smiling- 1 month old

Reese smiling- 2 months old