Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It was Easter time and Jenna took the care of advising me that we would be exchanging Easter baskets. She also took the care of informing which candies she liked the most and would appreciate having in her basket. Thank goodness she did both or she would have gotten up on that Sunday without any candy or a basket to put it not in. I did still take the liberty to not buy any of her Easter candy until the Saturday night before at 9pm. After 3 grocery stores and 2 drug/variety stores I was able to successfully comply with her wish list. Then Sunday morning we hid each other's baskets (Rhames tradition) and then looked for them. The pictures below are us looking for our baskets. I was tired and note that my hair was still not done. It took me a while to find mine. She did a lot better.

For Easter dinner we got to go up to Brigham and eat with a lot of the Reynolds Family. Grandma, Grandpa, Terry, Brent, Wesley, Ross, Anne, Megan, Dave, Marylou, Brett, Joe, April, Jordan, John and Holly (John's GF) were all there. Dinner was fabulous and we then played some ping pong. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately we stink at taking pictures so we just snapped one real quick in front of the house before we left.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So Josh and I babysit these two cute little girls- Anya and Abbi. Every other week we watch these girls while their parents go to institute. Anya is 2 and Abbi is 1. They are cute, fun, and always moving! Here are some pictures I took of them while babysitting.

This is Abbi. She is always on the go!

And this fiery redhead is Anya. She is FULL of energy!

Looking serious...

...just kidding! We're happy!

Here's a short little video of the girls playing. :)