Sunday, March 18, 2012


Grayson LOVES basketball.  It's so cute.  I'm sure Josh is a little disappointed since it's not soccer.  But we still have time for that though hopefully. :)  It started with him wanting to watch people play it.  Then he wanted to play, aka throw and roll the ball around.  Now he just wants to put it in the hoop.  Which is pretty hard considering his size.  So you have to lift him up and "help" him do it.

I go to the gym almost every morning and when I pick up Gray from the kids place the FIRST thing he says is "basketball." Every. Time.  There is a basketball court at the Y and he knows that.  So most times we'll go down there and play for a few minutes.  He loves it, it's so cute. 

When Grayson and I were in Florida last week Grandpa took Gray to the church to play basketball a couple times.  Grandpa just held him up and let him throw the ball in the hoop over and over.  Gray had a blast!  Here's a video of it too.  {Which my dad may or may not have been bugging me to put on here since the day we took the video... haha}

Here's another basketball one.  This was after we got back to Kentucky and we showed him how to throw the ball in a box, since we don't have a hoop.

This one is not basketball related, but it's just SO dang cute!  I promise, watch it. :)

One more, I swear!  And that's it.  I'm sure only my family is watching these anyways.  {If you guys like these, let me know, aka comment!  And I'll try to do them more often.}  Grayson fell asleep in the car and when I got him out he didn't wake up.  So I sat down on the couch, sure he'd wake up.  But he didn't!  He kept sleeping and I just cuddled with him for an hour!  It was amazing.  My baby does NOT cuddle.  At all.  So I soaked it up.  And my mom took a quick video.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Beach

Grayson and I are lucky enough to be able to come to Florida and stay with my family for a week.  We got here yesterday {Wednesday} and have already had a blast.  Today was the local beach.  It's not the nicest beach around, but it's less than 30 minutes away and it's perfect for toddlers because there aren't any waves.  I had a great time watching Grayson explore the beach and playing with him in the water and sand.  He had SO MUCH fun!  We went with my mom and sister Holly, who Grayson calls "Hat."  Here are some videos of us.  They are kinda long, but I'm doing this especially for Josh, since he is still in Kentucky and in school.  We miss you hun!

{Side note- Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  I needed a break from blogging.  Just to recharge and be excited about it again.  No, I wasn't sick, or morning sick either, for those of you wondering! And I know some of you are. :)  I must say, I was kinda surprised by all the people who said they missed my posts.  It made me feel good, so thanks guys. It's good to know you're there, even if you don't comment. ;)}