Saturday, July 14, 2012

20 Weeks

So I'm a little late posting these pictures, as I'm now almost 22 weeks, but oh well!  These were taken on the 4th of July.  I'm kinda surprised that I really haven't started showing faster with this 2nd baby as I expected.  Looking back at my belly pictures with Grayson, so far I'm at the same size as I was at 20 weeks then.  Not complaining!  :)

Here I am 20 weeks with Grayson and then 20 weeks now with Baby Girl. :)

So far this pregnancy has been super easy (knock on wood) and I'm so grateful!  I hope it continues.  I've started getting a little heartburn the past couple days.  I'm not surprised.   I had it with Grayson, probably around this time, and it lasted the rest of the pregnancy.  And he was born with a ton of hair.  As were Josh and I.  So I think Baby Girl will have plenty of hair too and give my plenty of heartburn as a result.  Not fun, but easy enough to manage with some Tums or Prilosec if it's really bad. 

I've started getting some things for her nursery now, which is so fun!  I bought the crib I wanted, a white Jenny Lind, and just yesterday found a dresser on craigslist.  I'd been searching for a nice, wood, long dresser that would have lots of storage.  And so I could put a changing pad on top and not need a separate changing table.  One because the room is going to be cramped since we're keeping it a partial guest room with the full size bed that's already in there.  And also because, let's be honest, after awhile who using the actual changing table to change baby?  I mean once they're a lot bigger.  We just change Gray on the floor most of the time.  So when we're done using the changing pad,  we can just take it off the dresser and voila!  It's a normal dresser again and still completely functional. 

Here's the crib I bought!
Grayson loved jumping in it.  I didn't really want him to get in the habit of doing that or thinking it was his though.  I covered it up with a big sheet to protect it from dust for the next few months.  And luckily he doesn't mess with it now.

Oh yeah, I got this bassinet a little while ago, before we knew the gender.  I got it a second hand children's store for a steal.  And it seriously looks like new, sweet!

I don't have a picture of the dresser yet.  But I plan on painting it, so I'm sure it will get it's own post eventually. :)

And I'll end with a few Grayson pictures, which I know the grandparents will appreciate. ;)

Reading scriptures with Dad.  He loves looking at the pictures with boats.

Jumping fun!  I told him to smile for me and he gave me this super cheesy grin.  He's recently begun smiling occasionally when I ask him to for pictures. (I couldn't get a clear shot in here because he was moving too fast!)

 The got stuck in a sudden downpour when walking to the park.  Gray loved it and asked to go back out when they come inside.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Basketball Boy (& some other random things)

I posted about Grayson's love for basketball around Easter.  That was when we got him a basketball hoop.  He played with it a ton for a little while then forgot about it, until now.  He's rediscovered his love for basketball!  And this time he can shoot the ball from the ground and make it in.  Before he needed to stand on something, like the coffee table.

He will say, "I missed," or "I made it," most of the time when he shoots the ball.  It's pretty cute.  I got some good action shots of him playing the other day.

I love his face on this one.

...and some videos for your enjoyment :)

Now some randomness-

Grayson helping me shop for Baby Girl.  He really liked this headband. :)

I made this soft, stuffed giraffe toy for Baby Girl last night.  I found it on pinterest and used this tutorial.  I'm planning to do her nursery in turquoise/aqua, shades of pink, and gray.  So I made this cute little giraffe guy in pink and turquoise. The back is a really soft, fluffy white fabric.
I showed it to Grayson and he really wanted it. He kept saying, "Gray's giraffe." Over and over.  Even though I told him it was for baby sister.  I think I'll have to make another for him. :)