Friday, May 21, 2010

26 Weeks

Yes, I know I'm looking way bigger now!  I still feel good.  The baby is moving around lots and it's really fun to feel him.  Yesterday Josh was pushing lightly on my stomach to feel him and he could feel the baby pushing back!  He says they're already wrestling, haha.  I'm probably buying too many clothes and toys for our Button, but I can't help it!  I'm soooo excited to have him and I love him SO MUCH already.  Honestly, it's not that much, but I know people say don't buy clothes cause that's all you get at your shower.  Oh well.  He is going to be the cutest little boy around. 

On another topic, I only have 8 more days of work left! After that, I have the summer, aka my 3rd trimester, to relax and then on to my new job- Mommyhood!  That is really the job I've wanted all my life.  I can't wait!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Josh is 25!

Josh's birthday was May 12 and his surprise present was that we were going to see the Broadway play Wicked in Louisville!  I'd gotten the tickets back in March and was so excited to surprise him with them.  He even didn't know what we were doing while we were driving there.  It wasn't until we were in the building and he saw a Wicked poster that he figured it out. Josh was very excited and so was I!  We had actually seen it once before in LA about 3 years ago.  It was our 2nd date ever and MY birthday present that year.  Ever since we have wanted to see it again.  It was definitely just as good the second time, if not better!  Plus it was cool being able to see a different cast perform the show.  Back tracking a little bit, before the play we went to dinner just a block away from the theater to a Chinese restaurant called Yachings.  We both got the mandarin orange chicken which was super yummy!  Anyways, it was a great night.  Also for Josh's birthday we had pizza like 3 nights that week.  He LOVES pizza and I'm not the biggest fan, so we don't have it near as much as he'd like.  So for that week, I let him have pizza to his heart's content.  Other than the nights we had it for dinner, we had leftovers that he took in his lunch to school, so he had LOTS of pizza!  It was fun to spoil him this past week.  I love you honey!!! You are the best husband ever and I hope this was a good birthday week for you!

Here are some pictures from our night in Louisville.

How handsome is he?!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

We love you Mom!!!  You both are such wonderful and special and beautiful mothers.  We are so grateful to have you in our lives. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Must have been fate

So back around Christmas time my med school class had a Christmas party whose theme was tacky Christmas sweaters.  I ran to Goodwill the day of the party to find Jenna and I some classic knit tacky Christmas sweaters, obviously excited because I knew that I would get to keep these gems for years to come.  I found a couple dreamy items and we went to the party.  Well just yesterday Jenna and I were at the mall and decided to drop in on Gymboree and look at the baby clothes.  You can only imagine the excitement I got when there was a little baby sweater that was almost knit for knit a match of one of the sweaters I bought for our Christmas party.  Naturally we bought the sweater for baby Button and we will be matching buddies in a Christmas of the future (maybe not for a year and half because it is size 12-18 months).
As you can tell these sweaters were definitely made in different decades but the design must be timeless. There is another Christmas sweater not pictured here (bought from Goodwill) that is the Belle of the ball, but you guys will have to look for that one when I wear it around Christmas time.