Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reese's Nursery- Part 1

So I promised I would show you some of the things I've been DIYing for baby Reese and her nursery.  I'm not done by any means, but wanted to post some of the projects that are done. :)

This was kinda a last minute thing I made for her.  We were having a craft night and I needed something to work on while hanging out with the girls.  {I love craft night!} So I made this rainbow sunshine plushie. :) 
There is a tutorial here for it.  I didn't actually use it, just the picture as inspiration.  Makes me realize how far I've actually come in my sewing skills.  2 years ago I would've had to follow it to a tee!  Now I can just look at the finished image and be like, "oh I can make that." And then do it.  It's a pretty cool feeling.  Not that I'm some amazing seamstress by any means.  This isn't a complicated project.  But I'm still proud of myself, ok? Ok. :)

Next up, I've sewn 3 sheets for her crib.  There's this plain but comfy, aqua flannel one.

And then I made 2 sheets from this same fabric.  I. love. this. fabric. It has the perfect colors for her nursery- coral and aqua.  Plus it's just so pretty.

The fabric is by Kate Spain and from the Fandango line.

And you can see I loved it so much I also made her car seat canopy with the same fabric.  I wanted to see it more than just in her room.

And a fun gray and white polka dot for the underside.

And my favorite detail is the minty/aqua bias tape all around the edge.

So that's it for now.  I've got some bigger projects that will get their own post soon hopefully! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

32, 34, 36 Weeks Pregnant

I'm pretty dang pregnant now.  I'll be 37 weeks on Monday.  Full term.  And as soon as we're back in Kentucky from our mini road trip, this little girl can come anytime she wants.  The sooner the better.  (We're driving from Kentucky to N. Carolina for Josh's residency interview at Duke. Then on to Florida for his interview at University of Florida.  And then back home to Kentucky.) I'm about done with being pregnant.  9 months is a freakin' long time you guys.  Seriously. 

Anyways, so here are the recent pictures of my growing belly.

So that's my ever-growing self.  Look soon for a post about Reese's nursery and some of the projects I've been DIYing!