Monday, October 31, 2011

Meet the Flintstones!

Happy Halloween!
Flintstones, meet the Flintstones.  We're a modern stone age family.  From the town of Bedrock, it's a place right out of history.
{Anyone else singing that with me?!}

We got to dress up in our costumes for our church's trunk or treat on Saturday.   It was so much fun to have a family theme for our costumes.  We almost didn't include Grayson in our ensemble because as you may know, the Flintstones had the little girl- Pebbles.  Their friends Barney and Betty had the boy- Bam Bam.  But then I thought it'd be just as weird/sad not to include Gray in the fun.  So he's our little Bam Bam!  If I'd thought this through properly, I'd have just done Barney and Betty from the beginning.  Oh well.  I like Fred and Wilma's costumes better anyway!

 Our friends decorated their car with these cool teeth!  I love idea and had seen on Pinterest too.  So glad they did it!  It made Gray laugh.

 I made the Fred and Bam Bam costumes from scratch {Can you say that when not talking about food...?}, even the tie!  I'm pretty proud of that.  I made my necklace from scratch but the shirt and skirt I already had and just altered them.  I tried making the Wilma dress from scratch, but the tutorial I used was very confusing, poorly written, and I totally messed it up.  Luckily I had these white items in my closet that I didn't wear anymore.  And a big thanks to Josh for inspiring me to use them instead of giving up after the first failed attempt!  He's amazing.

And for those of you who are new to this blog in the last year, this was our family last year.  Pretty great costumes if I do say so myself!
Quite a few people had asked me how I was going to top my Flo costume.  Well, I couldn't, Flo was probably my best costume ever!  But I think I still did a good job with the Flintstones and upheld my reputation for another year, haha. :)

Gray also had one other costume- an otter! He wore this to a fall festival we went to on Friday.
 He didn't the love the hood too much

I did NOT make this costume, in case you had that crazy idea in your head.  I got it awhile back for an amazing deal online.  It was only $10 shipped!  Amazing, right?!  I just checked the site I got it from and they don't have it anymore.  Probably because it was on clearance when I bought it.  There's a bunch on ebay though. 

 "I don't want this on my head!"

 Otter tantrum!

He's so cute even mid-tantrum. :)

 We sure do love our otter baby!  This is what he'll wear if we go trick-or-treating tonight because it's so warm.  I haven't decided for sure if we will or not yet though. 

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Linking up to Funky Polkadot Giraffe's Costume Party!  Check it out and get some great ideas for next year's costumes. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


We finally carved pumpkins with our friends Bart and Emily a few days ago.  We've carved with them the last 2 years as well and it's been a fun tradition!  They are so nice and we always have fun together. 

 Before the real carving they made a little pumpkin bumbo for Abigail.  Isn't she darling?!  Love her sweet little face!

 Me working hard...

Before I reveal our results, I'm going to show you the carving pictures from 2009 and 2010. :)

Love their Goofy pumpkin!

 and we did Tigger!

 Now we have a little almost 2 month old Grayson and a spooky faced pumpkin.

They did a cute Frankenstein pumpkin and needed Grayson in their picture too, who wouldn't?! ;)


Now for this year's amazing Reynolds/Sloan pumpkin extravaganza!

 Can anyone tell who is on our pumpkin???
{sadly no Grayson in this year's picture.  He was already in bed for the night.}

Bart and Emily did a cute little baby face and carved their daughter's name on the side.

There's our pumpkin sitting proudly on our front step!

BTW, our pumpkin face was Ferb, from the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.  Josh LOVES the show and if he had it his way, Grayson would have been named Phineas.  HA!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Decor

I just love decorating for Halloween!  Anyone else with me?!  I wasn't always that way, but I have become so in the last couple years.  Anyways, so here's a look into my home all decorated for Fall/Halloween. 
 Bookshelf #1

I made this last year and I just love it!

 Bookshelf #2

This is my favorite one.  I also made these last year.

see that super cute little bunting?  My friend Ali made it, she's awesome.  She sells way cute stuff like that in her etsy shop.

End Tables

On the Dresser 
that has a huge, old tv on it in the middle

Dining Room

 yep, that's another cutie bunting from Ali!

Front Door
And of course, the all important wreath!  Made this one last year too. :)

I started out with Fall decor in September, then added the Halloween in October.  I didn't take any of the Fall stuff down.  How do you decorate when the seasons overlap?

BTW, if anyone wants to know where something came from, let me know in a comment and I'll tell you!