Monday, June 1, 2009

A Plethora of Events!

So obviously we're really bad at blogging, but we're still trying! Since our last post a lot has happened. Josh graduated from BYU in April. His parents came up from California and it was so fun to have them here. They stayed at our apartment and we loved being with them. Watching Josh graduate I got a little emotional and cried (a tiny bit). I'm so proud of him! He works so hard and does so well and I just couldn't stop the tears! I love you honey!!!

Josh waving to us in the Mariott Center

getting his diploma (case only)

Us with his parents

I'm so proud of him!

Josh's parents also were here to take Lauren back with them. She finished her first year at BYU, yay Lauren! We love you!!! I know you're so bored at home now and summer seems like forever. I remember my freshman year and the summer break after that dragged on. It'll be worth it to save money and relax and when you go back sophomore year will be even better! Trust me! Plus we'll be there soon to play in California, I'm so excited!

Another big event that has recently passed was Josh's birthday! He turned 24 on May 12th. We celebrated by having a bunch of friends over. We played games, talked, and had cake and ice cream. It was fun to see everyone.

One of the most exciting things for us this past month was that FINALLY found out that we got the townhouse next to Adam and Jen!!! It was quite the process actually. Josh called and talked to people to get all our questions answered before applying. The girl he usually talked to was generally rude and NOT helpful. Finally we got stuff figured out and applied. They told us it’d only be a couple days before we’d know if we were approved. So the day came (a Friday) and I was anxious at work ALL day wanting to know so much if we got the place. (I really REALLY wanted to live there.) But, no call came. ☹ Josh finally called but it was too late in Kentucky, no one answered. So Monday came around and I thought for sure we’ll know today…. but no call! Josh called and they said oh later today or tomorrow. EACH DAY that week it happened!!! They said they’d call later or tomorrow. Finally on Friday, a whole week later than we were told we’d know, we found out we got the townhouse! I was sooooo happy! I can’t wait to live next door to you guys- Adam and Jen and Jackson!

Our friends Jared and Jenni are photographers and they recently took some cute “engagement” pictures of us for Jenni’s photo class. It was fun to pose for them and they turned out so cute! They also took some sports pictures of us for the project. Josh was a soccer player (obviously) and I was a volleyball player (I’m not at ALL, but Jenni is so I wore her stuff). Here are a few of them.

So this is turning out to be really long, but I’m almost done updating you on our life! A final big event is that I finished another year of teaching! Last Friday was my last day teaching 5th grade at Odyssey Charter School. It was a fun last day of school. Josh came with me and we played a lot of games like red rover, capture the flag, steal the bacon, amoeba tag, and the animal game. We also had a class auction and signed yearbooks. It was nice to be done but I already miss those kids! They were such a great class and I love them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad for summer break. I’m just a little sad I’ll never see them again since we’re moving. After school, all the teachers and staff went to Chili’s to eat and celebrate; it was nice.

playing the animal game

cute girls!

more animal game
posing cutely

Courtney didn't want to look at the camera, so they made her!

red rover- girls side...

...and boys side
(notice Josh is in both pictures, thats because the kids all kept picking him to come to their side when anyone broke through!)

sweet :)

This week Josh and I are finishing packing up everything. Thursday the storage container is delivered, so Josh and some guys from the ward are going to pack everything into it while me and some girls from our ward clean the apartment. Hopefully we can fit everything we want into the container… we’re crossing our fingers!

Then on Friday, we start the drive to California. We’re going to stop in Vegas and stay in the Trump Towers for a night to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!! I can’t believe it’s almost been one year… it went by pretty fast. It has been such an amazing year and we are so happy! I LOVE Josh and I LOVE being married to him! He is the BEST husband I could ever imagine. I’m so happy for our temple marriage so it never has to end. Then on Saturday we finish the drive to California and will stay with Josh’s parents for about a month. There’ll be a lot of resting, relaxing, and beaching! We can’t wait!

So that’s our update, hope you enjoyed it!


Jenni said...

How fun!!! I love the update! :) You guys have been busy the last little while! We sure are going to miss you guys!! Can't believe it's already time for you to move. We are really excited for you though!

Julie and David Chubbuck said...

Yay!! So fun :) Lots of changes and exciting things for you guys. Wow, it has been a year huh!? Congrats! Love you guys!

The Reynolds Family said...

LOVED the engagement pics! So fun!! It's amazing how much can happen in a couple of months...Can't wait to hang with you guys!! July is going to be such a party!

Jared said...

Have a great time in Cali and in Kentucky guys! We'll miss you on Sundays for games and also going to movies, and ice cream!