Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Love CVS!

This is what I bought at CVS today- 4 Glade glass scented oil candle holders, 4 Glade scented oil candle refill packs, and 3 Dawn dish soaps. The subtotal was about $25 but after coupons and ECBs... I paid 78 cents!!! for all of it! Plus I got $6 more in ECBs from the Glade purchases.

Here's how I did it:
I used 4- buy one glade candle holder get a refill free coupons found HERE
2- 0.25 off any Dawn product from the 11/1 PG (prcotor and gamble- it's a newspaper coupon insert)
1- $1 off Dawn hand renewal dish soap from the Home Made Simple coupon booklet
1 $5/$20- 5 off a 20 dollar purchase CVS coupon
and finally $7 in ECBs I earned from a previous trip

In case you're wondering, ECBs are extra care bucks. You earn them at CVS when you purchase certain products are amounts of products. You have to sign up for their reward program called extra care. It's like a grocery store program where you sign up, get their card, and scan it every time you go there to get savings. You give the cashier your card to scan FIRST and then the qualifying purchases will generate ECBs on your receipt. They are as good as cash that you can use to buy anything (almost, except a few things like stamps, alcohol, gift cards...) at CVS. The idea is to buy items that give you ECBs and then the next time you go to use your ECBs towards purchasing more things that will generate ECBs. That way you are essentially rolling your ECBs and spending very little OOP (out of pocket). The first time you do this, you will have to spend some OOP to get the ECBs, but if you keep using them to get more ECBs then you can do what I did and get a bunch of things for very little of your money OOP.


Grace said...

you are amazing! and check you out with all your bagain lingo!

Jenna said...

I did it for you especially Grace, since you want to learn! :)

Ryan~Brienne~Owen said...

Jenna! How did you get so good at that and without even a site like the one we learned about to help you. You need to teach me too. You should host a class:) I'm very impressed! And I would have to agree with Grace, I love the lingo! So I just started blogging. It's nothing great but you should add us to your list. I am no where near as good as you but I'll try:) Love you!