Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We decorated our house for Christmas right before we left for Thanksgiving break so that it would be ready when we got back. I was so excited to decorate! Last year on the day after Christmas Josh and I went shopping for decorations because that's when they're on sale for way cheap. Anyway, so they were mostly all new and it was fun to open them up and decorate our place. Here are a few pics of our place. I'll post more pictures soon of our Thanksgiving break in Florida.

Our little 3 ft tree. It's small but we love it. It's perfect for us!

I was really excited about my kitchen towels... I think they're so cute!

Josh decorated our baker's rack so well.
My mom has an amazingly big Christmas village, as I'm sure many of yours do too. She gave me this last year- it's the start of my own!
This is my favorite "section" of our decorated stuff. Josh did this too, he's so amazing!

My mom embroidered these and gave them to us last year.

Merry Christmas!!!


grace said...

jenna your house looks so great! :)

Karianne Salisbury said...

That's super cute Jenna!! I love the holidays. I totally need to decorate my apartment too. Yay for December. You've inspired me. :) Love ya. Miss ya.

Jenni said...

How fun! So cute! You guys are awesome! I love this time of the year! :)