Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 101

Shelley gave out this award to anyone who reads her blog. I’ve never done one before, but I needed an idea to blog about, and I thought this was cute one.

As a recipient of this award the rules are to link up to the blogger who bestowed it upon you, list 10 things that make you happy, and then hand it off to some more bloggers!

Right now the 10 things that are making me happy are...

1. I'm having a sweet baby boy in August!

2. Josh's med school schedule is really good, he’s doing really well in his classes, and we have tons of time together.

3. We live next door to Adam, Jenn, and their boys (brother and sis-in-law)

4. Last day of school/work is June 3rd! I'm ready to be done with work, have a break, and get ready to be a mom!

5. Josh is cooking dinner right now as I type this, and that makes me VERY happy.

6. I have time to read. I love reading. I just finished the 5th and final Fablehaven book and it was sooo good.

7. Warm weather! I hate cold, winter, snow, and all of that stuff.

8. I LOVE the baby bedding I found and just bought. It’s so cute and has lots of bright colors. We can’t paint because we’re renting, so I wanted lots of color in other ways.

9. Tomorrow is Wednesday- halfway through the work week. Mondays and Tuesdays are rough.

10. Our tax refund is way more than I thought it would be. We’ll be able to pay for our cruise next summer (that was supposed to be this summer, but the baby isn’t letting that happen, but that’s ok) and save the rest for when we’ll need another car in the future.

I’ll copy cat Shelley and pass on this award to anyone who wants to do it!

So a baby update to add- I’ve been feeling the baby move around a lot and it’s so cool! My belly bump is completely obvious now, which I wanted! I’ll be 22 weeks on Thursday but I posted a 21 week pic here. For now we’re calling our lil’ baby Button, as a nickname, until we decide on his name. We have some ideas but I’d love to hear any good boy name suggestions you may have! So leave a comment and let me know.


Shelley said...

I'm so excited that you did this, Jenna!! Thanks for participating! :-)

I'm so happy for you, look at that cute little baby bump! And you're lucky you get to stop working in June and you get all the time you like with Josh!! Lucky girl!

So for some baby name suggestions...I really like Lucus (Luke for short) but Michael doesn't so I feel safe telling you that one, haha! I also always liked the name Jacob but you will obviously not do that one...

I'll let you know if I think of any other ones for you! :-)