Monday, July 2, 2012

Basketball Boy (& some other random things)

I posted about Grayson's love for basketball around Easter.  That was when we got him a basketball hoop.  He played with it a ton for a little while then forgot about it, until now.  He's rediscovered his love for basketball!  And this time he can shoot the ball from the ground and make it in.  Before he needed to stand on something, like the coffee table.

He will say, "I missed," or "I made it," most of the time when he shoots the ball.  It's pretty cute.  I got some good action shots of him playing the other day.

I love his face on this one.

...and some videos for your enjoyment :)

Now some randomness-

Grayson helping me shop for Baby Girl.  He really liked this headband. :)

I made this soft, stuffed giraffe toy for Baby Girl last night.  I found it on pinterest and used this tutorial.  I'm planning to do her nursery in turquoise/aqua, shades of pink, and gray.  So I made this cute little giraffe guy in pink and turquoise. The back is a really soft, fluffy white fabric.
I showed it to Grayson and he really wanted it. He kept saying, "Gray's giraffe." Over and over.  Even though I told him it was for baby sister.  I think I'll have to make another for him. :)


Ali Richardson said...

Yay for boys and basketball :) too cute!! I love that sweet little giraffe too, great job mama!

Rick and Kori said...

I loved watching Gray play basketball. So cute! And the little Giraffe is to die for. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was so cute and you did a great job on it!