Monday, August 20, 2012

24 Weeks and Baby Girl has a name! (+some Grayson too)

Ok, so it's been awhile since my last update, I know.  But I'm doing one now!  This pregnancy is still going awesomely.  So much better than my first, which wasn't too bad considering others I know who have really hard pregnancies.  I was sick for a long time with Gray, and a very short time this time.  I had lots and lots of heartburn with Grayson, and almost none this time.  I'm noticeably pregnant now, but I feel great.  I can't complain one bit!  I feel so blessed.  I hope it continues going this well.

And our little girl has a name now! She's going to be Reese Mari.  We both really liked the name Reese.  And Mari (pronounced like Mary) is from my mom's name- Maribeth. We named Grayson early too.  I'm one of those people who want to decide early and be able to call my baby his/her name before they're born.  Josh would wait a lot longer if it was up to him, but I always convince him to decide early. :)

Here I am at 24 weeks. (My last update was at 20 weeks)  Although I'm 27 weeks now, 6 months along.  2/3 down and only 1/3 left to go- woo hoo!

Here's my progression. 
(My cute friend Ashley is doing this, and I'm copying her) :)

12 weeks

16 weeks

20 weeks

24 weeks

And here are the promised pictures of my sweet little Grayson. And a few other things. Angelyn, no more complaining from you! ;)
 Gray loves balls! Especially basketball.  Soccer and baseball are 2nd and 3rd.


Me and my baby, I love this boy to pieces!

 Grayson likes to be "stuck" in things. 

Playing with Daddy's ipod.

So this isn't Grayson related, but I made this cute little crib sheet for Reese...
 ...and this one too! (Gray wanted to test it out)

 My handsome boys, looking at horses at a horse farm.

Talking with his cousin, Jackson.

At the horse farm on the top of a building.

Happy 27th Birthday to me!

Grayson really enjoyed my birthday cake. :)

Gray learned how to put on his sunglasses by himself.  I'm so proud.

He liked the giraffe.

So there's my update.  Hopefully it won't be so long until the next one.


The Daytons said...

So fun and so cute and what a cute little baby belly, I'm pretty sure I'm way bigger than you already and I'm not due for 2 months after you:) So, I really want to know how you made those crib sheets? is there a good tutorial and what line is that fabric from, I love them both, especially the second one. So glad you did an update, I need to do one now:)

Kevin+Ashley said...

Am I your cute friend? haha. Copy away! You look ridiculously tiny though; I don't like comparing our pictures :) And Brienne is lying, she is tiny too. haha although she might be a little bigger than you, that is true. I LOVE the name you chose! It's cute and fun and not too common, which I always like. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear things are going well! You look so cute! I love the name!

Ali Richardson said...

Hooray!!!! Omg - we were meant to be friends. If I had my 1st choice, Hayden would have been Reese Marie. Apparently Josh went to school with a mean girl named Reese so he wouldn't let me do it. So, she's Hayden marie which was my #2 name. LOVE all the pics! Your bump it still so tiny and cute :) Keep the updates coming.

Amber said...

The picture of Gray relaxing on the couch kills me! He is so cute!!! I just love the name you picked!

Rachel said...

You are looking absolutely beautiful! And I love the name Reese--that is just so cute, and it'll grow well with her as she gets older, too. Happy birthday!