Sunday, September 21, 2008

jenna's the cool teacher

a little update on the latest. sorry we dont have any pictures. we dont take much. ill have to take some when i go to interviews so we can post them. but this is the news. at school jenna is the cool teacher. after school gets out all the kids of other teachers and administrators come and hang out in her class and play while she does things that she needs to. some times she puts them to work and makes them file papers and stuff like that. they do happily. 10 yr olds are sweet. there are some other oddities. every friday she does a drawing with the kids names and the winners can pick stuff out of the treasure chest. she has done it for five weeks now and one kid has one every single week. if the kids each have a fair chance of winning then every week he has a 1 in 27 chance of winning. the chances of him winning 5 times in a row is like less than .000002. although for those of you math related, i guess that each pick is unrelated from the pick before so he always has a 1 in 27 chance of being picked. my life hasnt changed much. i get to school and do homework and have enough time to take naps and read for pleasure. i might even take a job as a physiology ta.


The Reynolds Family said...

...I love that Jenna's a cool teacher, but I need a new update!!!

Lindsay Cahoon said...

Hi Josh and Jenna--I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your blog! Congratulations on your wedding--looks like life is good for you guys!

Lindsay Cahoon said...

I guess I should clarify...this is Lindsay Flake.