Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is actually the night after halloween. We got together with a few friends and ate and played some games. Jenna and I rocked everyone at scatagories. Jenna traced our card costumes and then we colored them together. We then watched a scary movie and I (Josh) would have had trouble sleeping that night if I hadn't knocked myself out with some nyquil.

We used the carving kit that my mom sent us to follow a pattern and carve a sweet pumpkin. it was kinda hard but worth it in the end. Until we accidentally left the pumpkin by the heater one night and it completely filled up with black mold and got all soft. It was a serious biohazard for a while there.
This was us after carving our first pumpkin.
Ours is the skull and crossbones. The ghost is our friend jenni's and the flamingo is our friend becca's.
This was the second pumpkin we carved after our first pumpkin succumbed to the forces of fungi.


The Reynolds Family said...

True that it is no "bumbo airplane", but impressive still! Can't wait till next year when we can have contest with you two!!!:)
Love the new background:)

The Reynolds Family said...

LOVE THE HAIR JENNA!!! I was so concentrated on the pumpkins that I didn't even see your cute haircut!! Very cute! How long has it been since you have had hair that short!??Super cute!! I love it.

The Rhames Family said...

Hi Jenna and Josh. I love your blog! the pictures are really great. We miss you guys so much!