Friday, July 24, 2009

Moving In- Before and After!

Here is a little photo tour our new town house! I have a lot of before and after shots for your viewing pleasure. :) The before pics are from the day we moved in and the after ones I took today, almost 2 weeks later. (although we were done unpacking in one week, I just now got around to taking the pictures).

Here is the least dramatic change because we have no dressers still- our bedroom!

You can kind of see my clothes are the ones neatly folded and piled along the wall. Josh's are strewn around everywhere else and still coming out of the suitcase, haha.

we also are sill waiting for our other nightstand we ordered to come in

walk in closet! I don't have a before of this one.

Before- master bathroom


Before- room 1

All we really did was neatly stack the boxes. This is all my teacher stuff so we're not putting it in a closet since hopefully I'll have a job soon and need to take this all to school.

Before- room 2

computer and scrapbooking stuff in this corner...

... everything else organized in this closet (you can only see half of it, but the other half is neatly organized too)

Before- guest bathroom

We do still need to hang a towel rack which is why it's sitting on the counter.

Before-downstairs bathroom


Before- dinning room

Before- Kitchen

We're getting rid of the brown table (someone gave it to us for free but we didn't like it too much). The white one is one we got off craigslist that we really like. So when the other table is gone, the dining room will have a lot more space.

see the bakers rack in the corner? we got that at a yard sale for $10 and I love it!

After- kitchen

Before- living room


we still need to hang Jesus on the wall, it's so heavy we need a new bracket cause the old one fell off

And that's all the rooms in our house! We really like it and love all the space we have. Kentucky has been nice so far. The greatest though is living right next to Adam, Jen, and Jackson! They are the best neighbors.


Michael and Shelley said...

Looks great! It's probably so nice to have a townhouse rather than an apartment! Congrats!

Jenni said...

CONGRATS you two!!! We miss you guys!! I love the townhouse! Super cute! Tons of space! And hey... nice white table! kinda looks familiar. :) Glad you guys are doing well!

Jared said...

Looks awesome guys! Hope you are doing well!