Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Pictures and White Water Rafting

This summer has been fun. We spent a week at a beach house with my family (see Jenna's album on facebook) and then last week Jenna and I went to the South Carolina/Georgia border to spend a week vacation with her family. We stayed in a cabin up in the mountains and saw the sights and went white water rafting. It was a ton of fun. It was the first full family vacation we have had. The area was beautiful and the cabin was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of days and nights playing games. Her family is very competitive and loves playing games. Other activities we did were hikes to see some waterfalls and we went tubing down the Chattahoochee River. Naturally I won quite a few games, as did Jenna. We were probably the most winning couple in the cabin. We were also the King and Queen of the Chattahoochee River (we had the best ride) and the King and Queen of Dukes Creek Falls (we finished the hike to the bottom first) and Jenna was the ultimate Queen of Rumikub because she won the tournament. We also did family pictures. These were the first for the Rhames family in six years. Her mom picked out nice colors that made us look like a beautiful sunset. Below is a selection of the pictures that were taken.

Back Row: Josh, Dad, Bryan
Front Row: Angelyn, Jenna, Kyla, Mom, Holly

The sissies

The original Rhames

In this picture there is also Jayna (in purple) who is Kyla's best friend and pretty much an honorable Rhames also.

Now we get to the fun stuff. These are the rafting pictures. There is a series of pictures that show us approaching the biggest rapid of the day (Bulls Sluice). It amazing that we didn't all topple out of the raft. After that there are pictures of us jumping into the bottom of the rapid. The whole experience was a ton of fun. At one point in the trip we even rescued (and at the same time maybe almost killed) a lady who fell out of her raft. Ultimately we rescued her, but in the process we drug her over some rapids and rocks. Half the family was in our raft and the other half were in another raft. We'll have to post the other rafts pictures in another post because Jenna's dad has some classic expressions as he goes over the rapid. While we went down the river we also had some splash wars. I am proud to announce that our raft won every splash battle on the river.


Julie and David Chubbuck said...

FUn pictures!!! I'm so jealous - I've wanted to river raft for sooo long!! Glad you guys had fun and won so many games!