Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Getting Colder Here

So the weather has changed alot in the last week or so. It went from super hot to rainy then to cold/chilly. I guess that means Fall is really here but it's a lot colder Fall than I excpected. I guess I'm still hoping for Florida type weather where you can wear shorts until Christmas... man I miss that. Speaking of Christmas, we just got our palne tickets to Florida for Christmas! I'm so excited!!! We were actually trying to get tickets for Thanksgiving but the dates we wanted were unavailable. So we changed plans and now we'll drive for Thanksgiving and fly for Christmas. It's all Florida this year because we went to California for both last year. I haven't been home for a Thanksgiving in 6 years, so I'm definitely ready! We are going to have a lot of Rhames family fun. :) We will miss all the Reynolds in California though! :(

New topic- our ward is the best! We love our ward here, it is so fun and the people are so nice. There are tons of couples our age and at least 3 others I can think of right now who have husbands that are also first year medical students like us. There are others who are first year dental students as well. There are others still who are just new in the ward this summer like us, so there are a lot of new friends, which is so fun. It's fun having so many friends your age and in similar situations. We girls like to do stuff together. Sometimes you just need your girlfriends! Last weekend a few of us drove up to Cinncinati together and had fun shopping at IKEA and the Gap outlet. It was the perfect thing to do because at least for me, Josh hates shopping and so I had fun and he didn't have to go. Plus he had to go to school anyway. It was actually a Monday that I had off work.

So this will be another post without pictures... but at least I'm posting! I'll try to be better and take some pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

aww miss you guys!! a lot! thanks for the update!

Jenni said...

It's a bit colder here too! We miss you guys! Hope all is well! You guys are awesome!

Julie and David Chubbuck said...

Glad you guys get to spend the holidays with your family! You will enjoy that! :) Thanks for the update!

angela said...

Seriously, Tates Creek rocks! Glad you guys are here.