Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Update

I haven't posted a blog in over a month because I always feel like I have nothing to blog about, mostly because I don't have any pictures or events to write about. I know that's a little silly but I still think like that. I want to change that though! I always LOVE reading Julie and David's blog because Julie updates so often and it's fun knowing what's going on with them. Especially since they are so far from us. It's probably my favorite to read because they always update. Then I realized, Julie doesn't always put up pictures... and she doesn't always have big events to write about. So, in an effort to blog more often I'm going to try do it more like Julie and David! (hope that's ok with you guys)

So nothing major has been happening but life. I get up at 6:00 every morning and Josh at 6:40. We get ready and I leave for work at 7:10. I recently got a job as a 3rd grade paraeducator at Breckinridge Elementary. This is my 3rd week. Basically what I do is go between the four 3rd grade classrooms all day and help with reading and math. I usually work with a small groups of kids: the same leveled reading groups and math groups of kids who are struggling with the concepts and need extra help. I leave at 3 everyday and have the rest of the day to relax. I usually come home and rest/read until Josh gets home between 5 and 6.

Josh is in med school at UK and leaves the house at 7:20 (just after me) every morning (well Mon-Fri). He drives up with his brother Adam who is dental school there. Josh has 2 classes this semester- Anatomy and Histology. In his anatomy lab they dissect real bodies, I've seen one and it's weird! He has one class a day and is done by noon. He studies (hard) until about 5 when he comes home to me! On the days he has anatomy lab he comes home smelling yucky (formaldehyde).

In the evenings we eat together and relax. That usually consists of watcing 24 (we're on season 3 right now, we get it from the library for free!), watching a Netflix movie, and/or hanging with Adam and Jenn and playing with our nephew Jackson. Currently, Josh is sitting beside me playing Super Mario World on the Wii.

So that's our life right now! We are super happy and loving living in Lexington. :)


Julie and David Chubbuck said...

Okay, dont think I'm a freak because I am commenting like two minutes after you posted this - but I'm at a computer ALL day long and I cant help it! Haha - thanks for the shout out, you're so funny. I'm glad you are going to update more often because I miss you guys and I DO want to know what you are up to! PLEASE! :) You're schedule sounds sweeeet - I'm glad you found a job!

Love you guys tons!!

Jenni said...

So happy you guys are doing so well! We sure do miss you here in Utah though! Good luck with everything!

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

Thanks for the update. Life sounds good for you guys right now!! How do you like being a paraeducator as oppose to a full time teacher?

Anonymous said...

yay jenna! i'm always so excited for your updates, i love knowing what's going on with you guys! :) miss you tons and love you!!

Anonymous said...

haha yay! i like reading julie and david's too cuz she always updates it. and i always check your guys too but you never do! lol so i'm glad you are deciding to update it more frequently :) i will be reading it so just know that you at least have one follower!