Friday, March 19, 2010

17 Weeks and more

So I'm 17 weeks now, as of yesterday. I went to the doctor yesterday and had to wait for 2 HOURS! It was ridiculous. Then I saw him for 2 minutes. There wasn't really anything to do this appointment. Josh and I aren't doing any of the tests. I heard the baby's heartbeat, he asked if I had questions, and that was it. The exciting part is that in 3 weeks, on April 8, I have my next appointment. That is when I'll be 20 weeks and get to find out whether our little baby is girl or boy!!! I can't wait! Here is my 17 week picture. I'm finally starting to pop out a little bit. Not too much, but some. A few girls at work, who I see everyday, say they can notice, and my doctor could see it. I still fit in my jeans and everything though. No maternity clothes yet.

Here's that 14 week picture from 3 weeks ago. When you see them next to each other you can tell the difference!

Last of all, I got some more AMAZING deals I just had to share and brag about! Below is my receipt from CVS today. I got 2 Right Guard deodorants, an Herbal Essences conditioner, Herbal Essences hairspray, and a dove candy bar for a total $0.00! Well, that's what my subtotal was, as you can see my finger pointing to it on the receipt. I had to pay $0.69 in tax. You can't get out of the tax! I was pretty excited about this trip, to say the least!

I also did a deal at K-mart day and got 2 jumbo packs of Huggies diapers (priced at $9.99) for about $2.25 each! Not bad huh? :) I'm starting to stock up when the really good diaper deals come around. So far we have 4 packs. Plus I always sign up for the free diaper samples when I see them on the money saving websites I check for all the deals. I have about 11 totally free diapers from that.


Hand In Hand said...

You are too cute! I swear I look 4 months pregnant right now. It's not cute when you aren't pregnant, haha. Good job on the thriftiness as usual! And I bet you are having a girl.

The Rhames Family said...

Hi Jenna, I love your picture, I remember being so excited when I finally started to "show" when I was pregnant with you! The next one pokes out a lot sooner:) - Mom

Ryan~Brienne~Owen said...

Jenna you look so cute! i think you need to start one of those coupon blogs by the way, you are so good! I can't wait for 3 weeks from now:)