Monday, March 8, 2010

A Steal of a Deal!

So I haven't posted any of my great couponing deals in awhile so I will today! I actually hadn't done much coupon shopping my first trimester cause I didn't feel up to going out or doing much of anything! I've been feeling better lately and am back to finding great deals and getting as many items for free, or close to it, as possible!

So I went to CVS, and Rite Aid. In an effort to cut some time out of couponing I've dropped Walgreens. This was because it was my least favorite store because they give you the most trouble for using coupons (typically) and I got better deals at the other places usually. So at CVS this is what I got-

My pre-coupon total was around $16-$17. After all my coupons I only paid... a whole $1.01!!! Plus I got back $6 in ECBs that can be used toward any future CVS purchase. Pretty good, huh? This was my best trip of the day. :)

Next was Rite Aid. Now I have to say that I've been waiting for a good Cover Girl makeup deal to come around for awhile and this was my week! I don't have hardly any makeup that I have to have one certain kind only, but I do for my foundation. I use Cover Girl Aqua smooth and I was just about completely out. So this week at Rite Aid they have Cover Girl for buy one get one free. For those who don't much about coupons, most stores let you use buy one get one coupons with the BOGO (buy one get one) sale, making BOTH items FREE! So luckily, I had a BOGO Cover Girl coupon and got 2 of my much needed makeup products free, yay! Also, they are normally priced at $8-$9, so this was a HUGE money saver. Here's everything I got. I usually spend a little less but I got some Easter candy for Josh (and me) that was a good deal.

The pre-coupon total was $24 and something cents. After coupons I paid... $4.50!

So all in all, I saved $35 today! It's a good feeling. :)

One more thing! An update on our crib. When we bought it, it had a lot of teeth marks from the previous kid teething on it, haha. Here are some before and after shots of what it looked like and now looks like after Josh worked on it.

Close up of the bite marks

Working on it. You can tell which half he did and the half he hasn't yet.



Michael and Shelley said...

Wow, you guys are awesome! Between your skills with coupons and his skills with fixing things like that you guys you guys probably save so much money!

John and Erin said...

When my sister moves here in July, I'll have to hook you guys up so you can coupon together... She has the pharmacy's down, but has also figured out how to work Target too! I can see you guys being great friends...

Rick and Kori said...

Wow Jenna I am so impressed by your coupon deals! I didn't know you could save that much with them :) I'm so glad you wrote about your blog today on facebook so now I can keep up on whats new. I am way better at blogging than facebooking :) i hope all is well!

Grace said...

wow jenna i am so impressed with your stellar couponing skills. and your crib looks great, too! so, funny--when i first read that when you got your crib it had teeth marks all over, i thought you meant crib like your house. lol i didn't realize until i scrolled down and saw the pictures what you were talking about :)

Ryan~Brienne~Owen said...

Jenna I was just noticing that you only have 4 more weeks until you find out was little Baby Reynolds is, yay! I'm so inspired by your couponing as well, I haven't really started doing anything here since it takes a few months to build up, you know? I'm so excited to start in VA though!

Betsey said...
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