Saturday, September 18, 2010


Grayson loves to sleep with both hands up by his head.  I think it's so cute.  Even as a 1 or 2 day old baby, he slept that way. 

He has continued to do this. 

Even when we swaddle him like this...

He almost always end up like this.  With at least one arm out, and often both are out! (I don't have a picture of that unfortunately)  I love it.

Here are some videos of our little man.  Nothing too exciting, but I know the grandparents will think they're amazing.  And maybe even some of his aunts. ;)  Enjoy our precious angel.

These first 2 are when he was 2 weeks old.  He will be 4 weeks tomorrow (Sunday), I can hardly believe my baby is already almost 1 month old!


This last one we took yesterday.