Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Crafting

Soon after Grayson was born I found something wonderful.  I am up often nursing him and for a LONG time each time.  I began playing around on the computer while nursing and I discovered the world of craft blogs.  I'm not a naturally creative person.  I love cute things and making cute things, but I don't have many good ideas of my own.  But, if I see something or someone else shows me how, I can do that.  I'm a great copycat!  That's the great thing about these crafty blogs, they often have tutorials on how to make the things they post about.  Now I have a new addiction.  Crafting!  Seriously, it's like a disease.  I think about it all the time.  I think about my current projects and when I can steal away a few minutes to work on them.  I think about the projects I want to do.  I have a huge list of projects to do (about 30).  It's a little unrealistic, I know, but I really do want to do them all eventually.  So here are the few things I've made over the last few weeks.

The Fall Wreath-
This one might me be my favorite.  I absolutely LOVE this wreath.  It also took a VERY long time to finish.  The felt rosettes aren't hard, it just took awhile to make enough to cover the wreath.  But doesn't it look good?!

Halloween Advent Calendar-
This is just scrapbook paper, mod podge, a cookie sheet, and glass vase fillers.  And of course candy.  You can see I took this picture on Oct. 2 because the first two candies are gone.  Josh and I love taking turns eating candy every day to count down to Halloween!

Halloween Subway Art-
I'm not sure why this is called subway art, but it is, and it's all  over the craft blogland.  This was the easiest project.  Those are just Halloween rub-ons ($1 at Target) on some paper put in a frame.  But still pretty cute, huh?

2x4 Pumpkins-
These are so cute I couldn't make just one...

 I needed a whole collection!  I love using pumpkins to decorate for fall.  They work all the way through November. 

 Candy Holder-
 This was super easy! Can you guess what it's made from?  I just love it.  Again, loved it so much, I made another!

Fabric Pumpkins-
The first one I did, on the left, turned out more like a pillow.  Not what I wanted.  I didn't round out the corners enough when sewing apparently.  I like the second one much more.  I'm going to make a couple more of these in different fabrics.  And also add some ribbon or something to them.  

Here's some more subway art.  This one I just got from a blog and printed but it's still so cute I think.  And super easy.  I did spray paint the frame.  It was an ugly gold color before. 

I heart crafting.


John and Erin said...

Wow! So Cute!!! Now I'm inspired....

Grace said...

Jenna I'm so happy you posted this! I'm the exact same as you with respect to crafting! I love doing it, but can't think them up on my own. I've been looking for some cute fall crafts to do and these are adorable!! What blogs do you look at? I've been searching for some but haven't found any I love.

Jenni said...

So so so cute! You are such a cutie! Love them all!!! I may have to try some of those!

Amber said...

Nice work! Everything is sooooo darling!

Rachel said...

Wow! You have done so many cute crafts. I love them!

angela said...

Cute stuff! You and Adrianne Campbell must be bosom buddies. She has mentioned wanting to do a lot of those crafts. Nice work!

Jonathan and Laura said...

Wow, those are very cute. You were busy! How did you find time to do this with a newborn?!

Mark and Heather said...

Don't you love it?! I recently discovered the same thing. So many fun crafting blogs. I have a list that I'm keeping of many different ideas I want to try someday. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jenna... so cute! So proud of you for being a good little mommie AND having fun with crafting too. I LOVE the wreath!