Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink! {it's my favorite color}

If you know me pretty well, then you know that my all time most favoritest color is pink!  It's such a happy color.  It makes me smile.  I love it.  Here are some lovely pink pretties that are inspiring me right now mostly from pinterest.

I need, yes need, a bike like this one.

who knew mushrooms could be pink?!  Not me, and I don't like mushrooms, but these are just so pretty.  I'd love a framed picture of this in my house.

How can I convince Josh to get a couch like this one? Hmmmmm...

such a pretty necklace

This cake is almost too pretty to eat!

Ahhh, pink and eiffel tower, so romantic and beautiful.

OK, I really need this in my house! Love it.
I don't know what it is about ferris wheels, but I love 'em.  And I'd wait longer in line to ride in the pink car! :)

An upcycled vintage necklace, love the pink and aqua combo.

What is your favorite color?  What color(s) are inspiring you right now?

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Anita said...

I am in LOVE with that Audrey Hepburn framed quote! And i agree with you about ferris wheels; they just make me happy.
xo, Anita
{I'm stopping over from Gussy Sews!}

Ali Richardson said...

Pink is so happy and pretty! My little girl's room is practically drenched in it :)
I'm an aqua lover at the moment, but I waver between aqua and pink :)

Anonymous said...

PINK is my fav, too! I used that same pink words quote in my own blog post. I thought it was a touching quote, and even better, it's pink!!! :0) I'm not a mushroom fan, either. But if it's a pink mushroom, then sure. :0)

skye @ neathering our fest said...

I am totally loving the Audrey Hepburn quote! I'm not a pink fan but i love all the pictures you posted here! :)

Shelley said...

I love pink too! It's so pretty and girly!!

Betsey Rhames said...

Love it Jenna!