Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Alright, I really enjoyed my first outfit post that I did 2 weeks ago.  So I'm going to do another one!  Here are a few outfits I've worn in the past week.

I loved this one!  I wore this when Josh and I went out to celebrate our anniversary.  Yes, it was over a month ago.  But for various reasons, we had to celebrate it much later.

top, skirt, belt, cami- Downeast; shoes- a small mall store in Cali that I can't remember the name of

I thought I looked ok when I wore this, but looking back I'm not so sure.  Something just looks off... I don't know.  Any ideas?
 shirt, shorts, cardi- Target; belt, cami- Downeast; necklace- Lovestitched; shoes- don't remember

So yeah, I know I wear the same 3 shorts all the time.  But guess what?  It's HOT here.  Very hot.  And I'm not wearing jeans, no way.  So yeah, shorts and skirts it is!

shirt, cami- Downeast; shorts, shoes- Target; headband- just.lovely.things.; wristlet- won in a Sewchatty giveaway; belt- Forever 21

Just going out for errands. 

shirt, cami- Downeast; shorts, shoes- Target; headband- won from a just.lovely.things. giveaway

ok, last one! I was sick of the shorts, so out came a skirt.  A few people said, "why are you dressed up?" or "where are you going?"  Well no reason and nowhere, haha!  I just didn't want to wear shorts again. 

I cropped my head out because I was making a weird face but it showed my outfit well, hehe.
shirt- Target; skirt, cami- Downeast; belt- Forever 21; shoes- random mall store; necklace- Lovestitched

So that's it folks.  How did I do for round 2???  Thanks for all your comments on my first outfit post, I really appreciate all of them.  Lets face it, we bloggers all love comments right?!

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BluBabesCreate said...

Love your skirt at the end there and how everything is modest! Come on over and see some fashion.

Grace said...

JENNA!!! You are so cute! I love your first outfit the most. I also love the green shirt outfit and the belt you wore with it,and your pink flower headband, and the brown shirt...and yeah pretty much I just love your outfits :) Move back to Utah and help me shop!! Ok? Sounds good! :)

Shelley said...

My favorite outfit is the last one!!

Ali Richardson said...

I love them all (especially that striped skirt. SO cute!). As far as the one that you think looks off a bit. I think it's cute! the only thing is I feel like if the sleeves are 3/4 inch, than you should wear long pants. Other than that, adorable!!

Rachel said...

I really like the outfit with the green shirt, those shoes are so cute! I wear skirts probably 70% of the time- nice and cool in the summer!

Amanda said...

I know its the simplest one but I love the errands outfit. I'm a jeans and tshirt type of girl. The headband really gives it the finishing touch. Cute :)

Anonymous said...

Great outfits! What were you afraid of, girl??? You are a natural at this What I Wore thing. I have already said this once, but you do the high belt look so well. And darn you for not remembering where you got those blue shoes. Those are cute! And finally, no, I don't personally think anything is "off" in that outfit. You look great to me! XXOO

Kevin+Ashley said...

Lookin good Jenna! You look great in all the shots...i wish i had that skirt in the first pic. As for the one where you thought something was off, i thought maybe the capri's looked a litte more casual than the top. that's all. great job!

Anonymous said...

Sweets, you have some serious style! So comfy looking but so chic! I'm kind of in love with those blue shoes!

Anonymous said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! haha...I didn't realize I had already seen these outfits. But I'll comment again because you are so darn pretty! :0)

Bemily said...

I love themmmmmmm! The first is my fav!!! - and I miss you already!

Karri said...

I think you look great!!

Hrm.. "off"? I don't know. Maybe darker shorts or a black skirt? (i am sooo with you on the no jeans thing. i cannot sacrifice comfort over that!)