Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gray Baby

We tried to take some family pictures recently.  They didn't really turn out.  {Bad lighting + crappy point and shoot camera.  One day I'll get a dslr!} Here is the only one that turned out ok. 

Momma and her baby

I realized I haven't done an update on my lil' Gray in awhile.  So here we go!

Things our 15 month old (in a few days) is up to:

  • He's getting lots of teeth lately!  There are 2-3 molars coming in.  
  • Grayson is a champion at going to bed!  For reals.  Josh or I, usually Josh, does his bedtime routine every night- bath (most nights), books, songs, and prayer.  Then we put him in his crib.  He just smiles at us and lays right down all happy.  He snuggles with his blankie and puts his paci in (we've been only giving it to him in his crib or when we're out and I don't want him screaming at the store).  Then we close the door and he goes right to sleep.  No crying.  Just a happy boy who goes to bed like a dream.  I know.  Lucky us!  He sleeps from about 7:30 pm to 7:30 am.
  • Grayson loves to watch movies!  He asks for them multiple times a day.  {And no, I don't always say yes.  Although I'd like to, it's so hard to say no to that sweet face!}  He loves Elmo and Baby Signing Time.
{helping Dad with his tools}
  • He is saying lots of things and trying to say more all the time.  He can say Mama, Dada, cracker, car, bath (sounds like bap), paci (sounds like pap), hat, and that's all I can think of right now.  He also repeats a lot of what we say.  
  • Gray is still signing too.  Not as much but I think that's because he's trying to talk more.  He signs please whenever he wants something and signs "signing" when he wants a movie.  That's because we'd always ask him if he wanted to watch Baby Signing Time.  So now he associates signing with a movie. 
  • He loves to go outside.  He be out there all day if we let him.  Too bad it's getting cold. :(
  • He gives high fives!
{playing Wii with Daddy}
  • He is a pro at going up AND down stairs.  
  • He is a pretty picky eater.  He will like something for a few days and then refuse to eat it.  Most recently that was bananas.  He will consistently eat crackers, cheerios, cheese, yogurt melts, and apples {usually}.  
  • Grayson claps and says "yah!" really loud when he likes something or wants you to clap for him too.
  • He will play music on his toys and then dance.  He moves his feet really fast or moves his hands up and down.
  • When we're eating dinner he will almost always ask for a "bap, bap" while signing bath.  He loves his baths!

That's our lil' boy and we love him to pieces!


Shelley said...

You guys are sooo lucky he is such a good sleeper!!

Ali Richardson said...

SO cute Jenna, I love all the updates! Makes me miss having a babe in the house :(