Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Survived!

Gray and I are here in sunny Florida for the week.  We arrived on Monday and stay for a whole week!  I was seriously super nervous for our flight.  I worried and asked for advice and researched online for ideas on flying with a small, active child.

Grayson is getting older and moving faster everyday!  I was worried he would not stand for sitting in a small space for 2 hours.  Luckily, 2 hours isn't too long as some flights go.  AND it was a non-stop, direct flight.  So that helped a ton!

With that said here is what I planned to help us make it! (my friend posted her tips on her blog, and it was really helpful for me, so I hope this will help someone else!)
  1. Stroller in the airport!  My friend Rachel mentioned this one.  Seriously so great for when you're waiting for your flight.  Grayson loves his stroller and was happy to be pushed around as we waited in line to check in and through security to our gate.   Once we were at the gate I let him out and followed him around so he could walk and get some energy out.  Lucky for us, we were at a small airport and there were lots of empty gates where he could wander without bothering people.  And when I needed him too, he was back in the stroller happy as a clam. 
  2. {some} New snacks!  I got pretzels which was something he'd only had once before from a friend at church.  So I knew he liked them but it wasn't something he had everyday.  In addition, I also had many of his tried and true snacks I knew he liked. 
  3. New toys!  I bought a couple small toys and hid them from him until we on the plane.  I thought this was a great idea.  It didn't work out stellar for me, he didn't really play with too much.  But he still liked them.  It still provided a little bit of time taken up of those 2 hours.  So a plus in my book.  Maybe I just need to pick a better toy next time!
  4. Movie/show!  Grayson really enjoys watching his movies- Baby Signing Time and Elmo.  Now we don't have a personal DVD player like a lot of our friends have and use for their kids on an airplane.  But we have an iPad.  I downloaded an episode of Sesame Street and Blue's Clues for him before our trip.  Sadly, this one didn't work out.  at. all.  The noise of the plane was too loud and we couldn't hear the iPad even at full volume.  Maybe when he's older and will wear headphones this will work.  There is no way in Hades he's keeping something in his ears at this age, lol. 
  5. Check to see if the flight is full!  If not, make sure you get to sit by an empty seat.  Luckily our flight wasn't full and I just plopped Gray down by the window and I sat in the middle while everyone behind us finished boarding.  I held him in my lap during take off and landing.  But other than that he mostly sat on his own.  It gave us so much extra wiggle room and less chance to bother other passengers.  This turned out to be the MOST helpful thing!  Which was fortunate since the movie and toys weren't too successful.
The hardest part of the flight turned out to be as we were boarding.  I was walking down the aisle and heard someone say something about a bloody nose.  Sure enough, I look down and Grayson has blood all over his face and hands!  What the!  Of all the times for him to get one...  I quickly sat down and frantically got out some wipes.  He did not like me wiping his nose.  Thankfully it stopped after a few minutes.  And not too much blood got on our clothes.   After that it was pretty smooth sailing.  He was pretty wiggly and active, but we had room to move and lots of snacks. 


{Jayna (friend of Kyla), Mom, and my sister Kyla came to the airport to get us!}

 Grayson has been having lots of fun here! 

{We miss you Josh!  Love you bunches sweetie!  Gray and I can't wait to see you soon.}


Kevin+Ashley said...

Thanks for the advice! We're going to Boise for christmas and it's the second time we've taked both kids there but Tyson couldn't crawl last time so it wasn't that bad. The flight is 7 hours! I'm SO nervous for this one. I will try all your tricks and hopefully it will go ok :) Or maybe all the other passengers will hate us.

Kevin+Ashley said...

taken (sorry)

Ali Richardson said...

Great work mama! Glad your flight was a success :)
Happy Turkey Day friend!!

Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

Great job mommy! You did a great job! I will def be pinning this one for later ;)

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!