Friday, June 1, 2012

I Sewed a Quilt!

Yesiree people, I did it.  I sewed my very own quilt from start to finish.  I'm seriously so excited about the fact that I did it.  For some reason, sewing a quilt was one of those things that I thought was too hard and I'd never be able to do.  Only really good sewers could do that.  I'm happy to say I've proven that wrong!  I've only been sewing less that 2 years now.  So if I can do it, anyone who knows how to sew can. 

Here it is, my pride and joy!

Grayson approves of it too.

The back view.

I really love the fabric for the backing, so pretty.  It matches one of the squares on the front.  

I actually won the squares of fabric on another blog's giveaway.  It is the Ruby charm pack by Moda.  (A charm pack is a coordinating set of fabric pre-cut into 5 inch squares.)  Winning the squares was what inspired me to make my first quilt.  So glad I didn't have to cut out all those squares!  Cutting out the rest of the cream and red pieces was plenty of work.

I quilted this on my own sewing machine and even hand sewed the binding on.

I love it.  It's actually a gift for someone else.  I can't say who because they may read my blog.  But I doubt it, which is why I'm posting pictures of it anyways. Plus, I'm just so stinkin' proud of this baby!  Speaking of which, when I find out if my baby is a boy or girl I'm definitely going to start another one for him/her. :)


Amber said...

Super cute! Great job!

Rachel said...

Good job! I really want to make a quilt, but it seems like such a huge project and I have so many small projects that have been distracting me. Your quilt is so so cute though, it may inspire me to finally make it a priority.

Ali Richardson said...

WOW!!!! Jenna, that is gorgeous! I definitely need to practice a ton before attemting a quilt of my own. It's on my bucket list though :) haha! A crafty bucket list. Funn! Love this quilt, really! It's beautiful :)

Rick and Kori said...

I am so impressed! Your quilt is beautiful! I have always wanted to quilt, but have never been brave enough to try. I know how much time and money goes into them and I am very impressed with what a great job you did! Can't wait to see the one you make for your baby :)

Summer Naylor said...

good job! I've only made one quilt too, and it was a lot of work. I think yours turned out better than mine. I love the fabric. Way to go!

The Daytons said...

Great Job Jenna! You've inspired me to machine quilt mine. I did finish my quilt topper but I have been so scared to actually quilt it, I'm so scared I'll ruin it! So excited to see your success, now I have the confidence to finish mine:) I love that fabric by the way. Funny story, I actually almost picked that fabric to do my quilt, but ended up going with another Moda line. Thanks for posting Jenna!

Rachel said...

Oh, I LOVE this quilt! So classic and simple and perfect. Beautiful!