Friday, September 14, 2012

28 and 30 Weeks

I've gotten a little behind at posting my pregnancy pictures so here are the 28 AND 30 weeks photos. :)


And for fun, here is a side-by-side of my 30 weeks with Grayson and then now with Reese!

I'm still feeling really good and blessed that this pregnancy has been so easy.  It's getting a little uncomfortable at night (the hip I'm laying on will start to hurt after awhile) and I need to switch sides to feel better.  Really, not bad though! :)   I need to post a bunch of pictures from our time out here in California, maybe tomorrow?  We'll see.  We only have one more week left here and then back to Kentucky.  Well, I'm off to a romantic date night with my hubby now. :)


Grace said...

Ok, I feel like I leave this same comment on all of your posts, but you are so cute!! Love the pictures!! Where do you get your cute shirts? Love the belt on the one shirt, too. I can't believe you are 30 weeks already!! Love and miss you!

Ali Richardson said...

Yay! Great pics! You are such a pretty preggo :)
Happy date night!

Amber said...

30 weeks, WOW! It doesn't seem like you've been pregnant for that long. But then it isn't my pregnancy, and it always seems fast when it's not you. :) You look so great! I'm glad you are feeling so well overall.

angela said...

Super cute Jenna! Can't believe you still look so great - oh, wait. I saw you when you were prego with Grayson and you looked great for him too. So unfair! Can't wait for her to come!