Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So we've been in California the past 3 weeks (with this last week left) while Josh does a rotation for med school at Loma Linda University.  We've been staying with his parents and having lots of fun!

So here is the past 3 weeks in California in pictures-

sneaking on the counter for treats, we moved those pretty fast

helping Grandy wash her car

playing with Misty

Newport Beach

at the Santa Ana Zoo looking at a rooster

reading books with Papa

helping Josh get his surfboard all waxed

hanging out with Aunt Courtney at Huntington Beach

I got to go to the Newport Beach temple a couple times since we've been here, so nice :)

Gray loves playing with Aunt Lindsey

Mini golf date night- it's so nice to have the grandparents for baby-sitting!

Something super cool I did was meet my blog friend Ali (on the right) of My Third True Love!  Her twin sister also stopped by and she was so nice.  (I also love her blog) I loved meeting them!!!  We had fun chatting and crafting and watching our kids play.

Grayson and Hayden, Ali's 3 yr. old daughter, had fun playing together

Grayson and Noah, Ali's 6 yr. old boy, he was so sweet with Gray!

Gray loves all kinds of construction machines

at McDonald's playplace when it's scorching hot outside, or Donald Duck's playground as he calls it

while watching the iPad he put his hand on my tummy, it was so sweet


Angelyn Rhames said...

Just died laughing at Donald Duck's playground!! And the him touching your belly was heart warming <3 loved this post all around =D

Betsey Rhames said...

Thanks for all of the pics of your time in California!! We miss you.

Ali Richardson said...

Yay for Cali fun!! We had so much fun hanging out :) Sorry we never ended up getting together again to go to the beach. The days just got away from me. Looks like you guys have had a wonderful time :)

Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

OH me oh my! So much fun!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh looks like you all have been having so much fun. We love California and miss living there.