Friday, August 7, 2009

Josh is practically a doctor now!!!

Jennilyn, Jackson, and I went to Josh's white coat ceremony today. It was so neat for me to see my hubby in a white doctors coat. He just looks ready to go now! I'm so proud of Josh and how hard he's worked to get here. He is going to be such an amazing doctor. He starts classes on Monday and I keep hearing about how BUSY he is going to be. Josh can handle it though, he's so smart and I'm happy to support him. The video below is of Josh going up to put the white coat on and then shake hands with the dean. He's not the one already on stage when the video starts. You hear them call his name and then he walks out.

We're so happy

He looks so great and doctorish!

with our nephew Jackson- so cute!

This one was at our house right after his stethoscope came in the mail, now he looks even more like a doctor!


Julie and David Chubbuck said...

Haha, how cute!!! Josh you look great! Goooood freakin luck! Only...a couple more years! :) Congrats though, medical school is a huge accomplishment! Love you guys!

Bart and Em said...

Wahoo..I found your blog! It is super cute!