Friday, March 25, 2011

7 Months

This little boy is 7 months old!
He is so sweet.  He melts my heart every day. 

I just love him to pieces.

He has this bin of toys in our TV room.  When we give him some of the toys in it he just goes for the bin.  He loves it.  He'd rather play with that than any of toys in it most of time.  It's pretty funny. 

Also when we give him a larger toy, he'll grab it,  turn it over, and bang his hands on it over and over.  He just keeps turning them and banging on them.  Funny little guy.  
Playing with Daddy.  Gray just loves his Daddy!

Sleeping so sweetly with his Mickey from Nana.

We got to visit Nana and Grandpa {my parents} for a week a couple weeks ago.  We had a blast.  Nana loved her Grayson time.  And I loved getting some extra sleep in the morning!

Gray had his first fruit while we were there.  He had apples and loved them!  He also loved that he could sit up in the bouncer at Nana's.

 Playing with Aunt Angelyn

When the little guy was in bed, I got to play games with my family.  So fun!  This is us {my sisters and Erin, who's like our sis} playing President {some people call it Scum} one night. 

Gray loves him some bath time.  He splashes and splashes and has a grand time in the tub.

I feel so blessed every day to be this little guy's momma.  

He is quite an active boy.  He loves to move and go and wiggle and stretch and squirm and twist.  
He is just always on the GO!

I think I'm going to have my hands full when he starts crawling.  

On the note of crawling, I thought he was on the verge of crawling last month, but he's still not quite there.  He doesn't go backwards anymore though.  He can go forwards a little at a time, but not by crawling.  He gets in position, scoots both knees forwards at the same time, and then falls on his stomach.  Then he does that again and makes small progress going forwards.  

Here's a video  where you can see it a little bit.

He's also a happy screamer.  He can scream quite loud too.  He LOVES to go visit his cousins Jackson and Drew next door.  He loves to watch them and any other kids too.  He is always smiling when he see's other babies or small kids.  There's a cute girl at church who likes to come up to him and take his pacifer.  He doesn't mind.  He just smiles at her.  I think he's a people person. :)

Grayson loves to watch Baby Einstein.  We have a few of the DVDs and he watches when I take my shower in the morning or when he's super fussy and I can't figure anything else to make him happy.  He loves Baby Einstein.  It makes him happy and calm without fail.  He also screams in delight during the movies, most especially when certain puppets come on the screen.  It's so cute!

Here's a video of him watching a Baby Einstein {with some cute happy squeals}.

I love my little Gray!


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Oh my gosh Jenna! He is getting so big and is so stinking cute! I love his chubby cheek smile:) YUM!

Angelyn&Camilo said...

About time! I love my nephew mucho =]

Anonymous said...

He's too cute! Love his hair!!

Bemily said...

So stinkin' adorable!! He IS so busy and so happy all the time! Thanks for letting me play with him!