Monday, March 7, 2011


I've worn glasses since middle school.

Then in high school I got contacts.

Ever since, I've worn one or the other so I could see. My vision was horrible!

I took those pictures of me a little over a week ago... right before I had LASIK SURGERY!

That was the last time I EVER had to have corrective lenses. 

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!  

I have serisouly been loving it.  I can wake up and see.  And it is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. 

And here I am today with no contacts or glasses to be seen. {Sounds like a weight loss commercial, haha}



Anonymous said...

wooohoo!! i'm so excited for you!! I have horrible vision too and i would love to get lasik. i'm kind of scared to get it done.... is it scary?

Jenni said...

that's awesome! congrats! That is so exciting!

Nicole said...

That is so exciting!! I've worn contacts or glasses since middle school too, but in two weeks I'm getting Lasik!! Glad to hear about your great results!

The Daytons said...

Yay! How fun and exciting. I guess maybe the procedure wasn't fun but the results sure were! Is Josh getting it too? Congrats!

Grace said...

LUCKY! that sounds so amazing!
two things:
1. i love your glasses! maybe you should wear them sometimes with just glass lenses lol. super cute!
2. i also love your cardigan! where did you get it?
you are so cute!!

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh I am JEA-LOUS! I would love to have that surgery!! I need to wait until my eyes stop changing though.

angela said...


Amber said...

I didn't know that. How exciting! I, too, am jealous.

Bemily said...

WOOT WOOT! I'm so glad it went well!

Jonathan and Laura said...

I'm very jealous! I hate not being able to see when I wake up.