Saturday, July 30, 2011


I've been busy this past week enjoying my family visiting from Florida.  Hence the lack of posting lately.  But I wanted to finish posting about our California trip and my SIL's wedding. 

First up, 4th of July.  Gray was pretty tired by the time we went outside for sparklers.  So he didn't last too long.  But it was fun. :)

Boy, we sure do miss the other Reynolds family. :(  They used to live right next door to us.  Come back you guys!!!

We went to a small local zoo another day, the Orange County Zoo I believe.  Josh's sister Lindsey and our nephew Drew came with us and it was really fun.

Drew loved to point at all the animals. Gray just sat there the whole time.  I like to think he was just relaxing and enjoying everything.  :)

a coyote

Lindsey and Grayson, she was so helpful!

There was a petting zoo part where you could go inside and pet the goats.

The bears were the coolest animals.  They were awake and walking around.  It was fun to watch them.  Doesn't it look like the one bear is playing a drum?!

 This is my favorite picture!  On the drive back, Grayson and Drew kept reaching out their hands toward each other.  So sweet.  I know Grayson misses his cousins!

And the last day we were in California was Courtney (another of Josh's sisters) and Bobby's wedding.  It was such a great day and a gorgeous wedding!

4 generations- Josh's grandparents, his dad, Josh, and Grayson
 Our little family with the beautiful bride.


The newlyweds with all the nephews!

4 generations again- Josh's {other} grandparents, his mom, Josh, and Grayson

What a great trip!