Sunday, July 17, 2011

My very first silhoutte project + Gray baby videos

It's only taken me 2 months.  I've been wanting this super fancy cutting machine for awhile.  I finally got it on Mother's Day.  And then I got scared of it.  It seemed overwhelming to learn how to use my beloved Silhouette.  So it sat there.  I sewed a pretty dust cover for it.  But I didn't touch it!  haha.
Well, I finally got up my nerve, pulled out the manual, and guess what?!  It wasn't too bad.  For my project I wanted to cut out some vinyl numbers for the monthly pictures of Grayson on my fridge.  I wanted them labeled for how many months old he was.

And here are all of them nice and labeled so prettily!

Nothing super impressive, I know.  But it was something I'd been wanting to do.  So I'm happy. :)  And yeah, I know there is no 4 month picture up there. {gold star if you noticed}  That was the only month I didn't take him to a portrait studio.  My SIL took them and I just haven't remembered to print out the right size for one of these clear frame magnets yet.

And were going to end with some Gray videos which have been requested by my sisters!

I love this one.  It's Grayson doing his happy screaming game.  He does this high pitched scream.  And if you scream back, he will scream again.  And then he waits for you to do it again.  And then he does it.  It's so funny.

While we were at the beach house I got a really bad sun burn.  So I was putting lots of aloe on.  Whenever I shook the bottle or squeezed it, Grayson would laugh and giggle.  I don't know why, but he thought it was so funny.  Here is a video of it.

This one is at the pool in California.  The first time we went to the pool here in KY he hated it.  This time he had fun,  yay!

And here is one that shows how well he is walking now.

And if you're still reading, I have a second Silhouette project to share with you too!  Maybe tomorrow.  :)  Also, I've been thinking about participating in the WIWW posts that all of you cool bloggers do.  If you know what that is, do you think I should?  It kinda scares me.  Totally out of my comfort zone.  Any of you do it?!  I need some advice/encouragement please!  

K that's all for now, bye.


Anonymous said...

Do WIWW. It's totally fun, and it will help you get out of your comfort zone, which can be a really good thing!!!
Also, I love your silhouette project. What a great idea...month magnets. Who made those hats on him in the first few months? too cute!