Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Fun Thing

20 Years Ago
I was 5
1. I started kindergarten and didn't want listen to my teacher- just wanted to play!
2. had my mom help me write a love note to Johnny, a boy who sat at my table in school
3. loved playing house

10 Years Ago
I was 15
1. had my first real boyfriend and kiss (my mom didn't help me write the love notes this time!)
2. learned to drive
3. went to the Academy of Environmental Science- best school ever.  Right on the water, had it's own canoes, and we were a couple miles from the beach- which we went to sometimes during school!

(yes, that's a real picture of my school!)

5 Years Ago
I was 20
1. I was a junior at BYU and had the best roommates ever.
2. decided what I wanted to do- be an elementary school teacher- and started the El Ed program.
3. started working as a waitress at Pizza Factory- best college job ever (I'd had a lot before that one- Cannon Center food service, custodian, laundry worker)

3 Years Ago
I was 22
1. had just started dating my hubby
2. graduated from BYU
3. taught 5th grade at Odyssey Charter School and loved my kiddos

1 Year Ago
 I was 24
1. moved to Kentucky
2. went white water rafting and stayed at a fabulous beach house (2 different summer vacations)
3. the hubby started medical school

This Year
I'm 25
1. had my beautiful, perfect, baby boy- Grayson
2. began my stay-at-home-mom career
3. became obsessed with crafting, craft blogs, and making things cute

1. blogged and read some fun blogs
2. with shopping with Mom and Kyla- got some super cute shoes for only $12!
3. played, rocked, and cuddled with my baby

1. picked a color scheme for my blog makeover (yes, I'm getting a blog makeover and I'm SO excited! look for it soon, it's going to be amazing)
2. talked to my hubby on the phone- can't wait to see him!
3. watched a little Pawn Stars. love that show.

1.Josh gets here (Florida- my parents' house) from Kentucky- yay!- I have missed him a ton (I came down early for Thanksgiving break)
2. plans to work on my handmade gifts
3.Lots of cuddle time with my sweetheart!!!

Next Year
1. loving life with my little family.
2. we will get a second car so Josh can do all his rotations for 3rd year and I can have one at home
3. be an even better wife and mother

I would l.o.v.e. this car 
{Minus the girl}