Sunday, November 28, 2010

Notice Anything?

Notice something different? 

It's my blog makeover!

What do you think?!

Notice my button? Yes, I have a Button! Grab it! Put it on your blog if you like. :) 

Krystal at Sassy Sanctuary did my blog design.  She's amazing! 
Love her.  
Check her out!

Josh and I are currently in Atlanta, Georgia (Woo Hoo Char!) and we'll be getting back to Lexington this afternoon.  I have lots of pictures of Gray and Thanksgiving break and some cute crafts I've done.  It's been crazy but when I get home, lots of fun posts to come.  I promise!


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

I love it! The colors are gorgeous and the design is great:)

Shelley said...

Look at you!! You are getting so good at the blog thing!! It makes me so proud :-). I don't even have a button!! lol!

Nichelle @ Vintage Wanna Bee said...


The Daytons said...

So Cute Jenna! I love reading everything on your blog and I just read your last few entries since I haven't been on in awhile. I SOOOO want a silhouette as well. Have you had any luck getting one yet? Keep me posted if you find any good deals, that are less than $200;) Love you!