Monday, November 15, 2010

Grayson's New Trick

Gray is such the sweetest little boy ever.  He is so happy and content.  I love him to pieces!  He really enjoys playing on his jungle gym.  Josh dangled all the toys into one big chain so he could possibly reach them.  And guess what, he does!  He can grab the little monkey off the bottom.  It's so cute.  He's not very coordinated, but he gets it pretty often.

"Yay, I got my monkey!"

"And now I need to put it in my mouth!"

I sure love this little guy!

In that last picture he was so sleepy, but he wouldn't close his eyes for the longest time because he knew I'd put him to bed if he did!


Shelley said...

Hey, Jenna! I love the new look of your blog!! I can't wait to meet your new little guy. You are coming for Christmas right??

Ayumi Shibuichi said...

Hello, This is first time making comment.
It's a wonderful blog!Your son is so lovely!
I have 6-months-old son too. I remember I was so surprised when he grab toys.

Well, I'm looking forward to reading your blog:)

Spunky Junky said...

Hey Jenna!

It's halsey from Spunky Junky...sorry it took me so long but I finally posted your pics up on my blog. Awesome job!