Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last of Halloween

So I was actually on top of things and put away all my Halloween stuff on November 1st.  There were a couple of projects I did for Halloween last minute that I had up for only like a week or so.  They were some of my favorites so I wanted to show 'em off!

This one I got the idea from here and tweaked it a little.  I love it! The distressing ink on the edges really adds a lot in my opinion.  :)

This wreath is cutesy Halloween, which I like more than scary Halloween.  I'm so glad someone thought of this idea, isn't it darling?!  I found it here.  My friend Erin and I started working on them together.  Hers is a lot fuller than mine, which I like a lot.  I just really ran out of patience at the end.  Oh well, it's good enough for me!

I have another project I just finished to brighten up the master bedroom (which seriously needs it).  Look for that soon!

Here's one last thing I've made recently- an applique tie onesie.  My sewing skills are minimal but if you don't look too close it looks pretty good. :) The model is the best part though! I got the idea here.  The girl who writes the blog is so sweet!  I emailed her with some questions about the project and she was so nice and helpful.  Thanks Amy!

My handsome little boy


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Thanks for the shout out! I think that your little man is ADORABLE in that little tie onesie and I am loving all of your crafts.

I am your newest follower:)

The Daytons said...

Jenna! I love all these and thanks for linking ot where they came from, so we can see the tutorials. I need to learn how to do that and post the ones I have done recently so I can share with you too:)