Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Items in 30 Days- Shoes

One of my favorite blogs, IHeart Organizing, is doing a challenge to get rid of 30 items in 30 days.  It the perfect challenge for spring {cleaning}! And it feels so good to de-clutter and get rid of unnecessary things that are junking up my house.  I love it!  So I was super excited to hear about her challenge.  I did a bunch of organizing and getting rid of things in January and February, but I figured I could come up with at least 30 more.  Especially since it's only one a day {minimum}.  And you can get ahead too, so if you do more one day, you can miss a day. 

Anyways, so today was the shoe challenge!  I had recently gone through my shoes, so I couldn't get rid of 11 pairs like Jen from IHeart Organizing.  BUT, I did get rid of 3, which was pretty good for me!  She also challenged us to organize our shoe areas, so  I did. 

Here is my before.  

I put my shoes in our master closet.  They are in 2 areas- a hanging thing and on the floor.

Pretty messy.

I got rid of my 3 pairs and then organized. 

 I love those black heels, but my sister's dog chewed up the tip of one awhile ago.  I don't know why I still kept them for so long.

Then I stole the white thing from up here...

...and put it on the floor to organize the floor shoes. 

Then I stacked the shoes nicely in the hanging thing.

Before and Afters-

Total items purged = 3
{ahead by 2!}

Day 1 CHECK!


con-tain-it said...

Hi Jenna! Like you I also found other things in my home to conquer my closet and shoe organization. I did a 21-day purge last fall and got rid a lot of my fall/winter shoes so this go around I purged my bags...oh boy! Found some great, affordable shoe organizers at IKEA and it was a lot of work...but so worth it. Good luck in the giveaway and have a great day. Fondly, Roberta