Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Couponing 101

On a recent shopping trip I got the items below for a grand total of $3

I went to a couple stores- Walgreens and Staples.  The laundry detergent and tampons were $1 each and the paper and toothpaste free. 

A lot of people wanted to know more last time I did a coupon trip post.  I'll tell you my secret.

There are a lot of other couponing sites and blogs out there, seriously, a TON!  I used to read a bunch of them.  But slowly began to realize that they mostly posted the same deals so I slowly started narrowing them down until I found my favorite.  Hip2save.com

She has some links for newbie couponers at the bottom of her site.  I would highly recommend reading those to start out with.  She also does videos which are super helpful in my opinion, especially when you're starting out.  
{Maybe it's because I'm a visual learner!}
 For the videos, look to her right sidebar and scroll down a little until you see "Hip's Video Series" and you can choose from there.  Some of her oldest videos are about individual stores and are also really helpful.  Also her most recent video here on proper coupon usage is really good for beginners.

So that's your homework for now if you are interested in saving some big money with coupons.  And if you are confused about something you read on her site or anything, please ask me.  I'd love to help and I can probably answer a lot faster than Collin, since she has 78,000+ facebook fans! Also, tell me if you have suggestions for future coupon posts that I could do...  :)


rindercella @ neatheringourfest said...

this looks like a great source - off to check it out! thanks for sharing! :)

The Daytons said...

Love this! We started up couponing and then I stopped after Benson came, so now I need to get back into it. Thanks for posting this, it is getting me motivated:)

Bemily said...

I'll definitely be looking into this website! I've always wanted to get into coupons.