Friday, April 8, 2011

Look at that Boy!

My goodness, my little baby is growing so fast.  It seems each day Gray has a new trick up his sleeve.  I wish I could slow him down a little bit.  But he wants to go go GO!  I know my family has been wanting to see more pictures and video of him, so here you go!

He did this all on his own.  He LOVES to stand up.  And he falls a LOT.  But there's no stopping him.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say he'll be an early walker.  He is always trying new things and wanting to move!

Here's a video of him when that picture was taken

And of course, we can't forget crawling!

Gray loves him some tickles :)

Cousins cousins are so fun!
*side note* Gray loves Drew! He screams in delight whenever he's around Drew.  Drew just looks at Gray like, "why are you screaming at me?"  Gray also tries to get Drew, but Drew is faster and can get away. It's funny.  Watch for it in this video.  :)

More cousins with Jackson trying to get the babies to listen to him.
Watch and see how well that went. :)


Amanda said...

Poor Jackson! They'll be playing with him soon enough.

I love Gray's crawl. Each move is so exaggerated. So cute!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

He is getting so big! Before you know it he will be into EVERYTHING! Enjoy this stage:)

Julie said...

Looks like Jacob and Grayson will get along just fine, lol. Grayson is so adorable!! I'm sad we live so far from you! Thanks for sharing a bit about Grayson on your blog, I love these posts!

angela said...

We will all miss Reynolds cousin time in a few months. Lame! That's a pretty funny video of Jackson trying to get the boys to do what he wants. Grayson is sure cute! I love his eyes.

Angelyn said...

My nephew is the cutest, most funny, handsomest, awesomest, coolest, sweetest, smartest, most stupendous baby boy in the WHOLE of existence!

[he must get it from his favorite auntie ;)]