Saturday, April 2, 2011

C-A-T-S Cats Cats Cats!

So some of you may know, but we currently live in Kentucky and my hubby is going to medical school {2nd year} at UK {University of Kentucky}.  So we've become UK fans and the our basketball team is in a Final 4 game tonight.   Yay!

So of course we dressed appropriately to cheer on our team.

Aaaaand... this is what we got when we tried to get a picture of Grayson looking and smiling.

 You might not believe me, but every other time I get the camera out, he ALWAYS looks and smiles.  Which is super cute.  But it's also hard to get a candid shot.  I have to be real sneaky.  Grayson does know what to do when you pull out a camera!  I think he was distracted by everything else outside.  We've been mostly inside lately as it's been a little cold.  Anyways, we'll be cheering on UK tonight.  Hopefully they win and then it's the national championship game.  Exciting stuff!

Since you couldn't really see his cute onesie in the other ones, here's a better picture of Gray. 
 He was super tired and about to go to bed, so no smile, but I still love it!

Woo-hoo, go Cats!


Rachel said...

So exciting! We were cheering on VCU since I'm from Richmond but no luck. :( I hope they play well for you!

DWYHomemaking said...

Yay UK! I'm not a huge sports fan but, I'm definitely going for my home state tonight!