Friday, April 29, 2011

More Organizing Fun

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I did the 21 Days of Organizing challenge way back in January, but I still have a couple more of the BIG projects to complete.  Well I finally did one- the refrigerator!

Here are the all important before shots.  Funny story, I actually took these pictures a few weeks before I cleaned it out.  Took me awhile to get around to the actual cleaning... ha! So that's why the food in the fridge will be different. :)


 All emptied out and cleaned.

Aaaaaaannnnd After!

 I had a gift card to The Container Store and used it to buy some fridge organizing things and I love it now! 

 Here's a close up of the middle shelf with all my Fridge Binz trays {the plastic containers). 

On the left is all our cheese.  The bottom tray has unopened shredded cheese.  The middle has sliced cheese.  And the top has opened shredded cheese.  {We love our cheese!}  The middle tray has miscellaneous items.  And the right tray has meat, mainly lunch meat. 

Here is the bottom of the fridge.  It's just organized and emptied of the old/expired items. 

  I do have the my eggs in the handy dandy Egg Stay Fresh container.  I love it because protects my eggs better than the store cartons.  If the eggs weren't pushed back far enough when we shut the door, it would smash the carton and sometimes the eggs too.  This container is a hard plastic and protects them from that.  But it just looks nice, clean, and fresh- love it!

Once more... Before and After

So glad it's done!


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

That looks so great Jenna! I love that egg crate...may have to get a few:)