Thursday, June 23, 2011

10 Months

Guess what?!  This momma knows her baby and I was right!  About what you ask???


My baby boy took his FIRST STEPS yesterday.  At EXACTLY 10 months!  Which is what I predicted.  Oh baby! 

Josh came home yesterday after taking his board exams (Yay, he's done and I have my hubby back!).  I told him Gray was so close to walking.  So Josh set him down with Grayson standing and scooted back.  Then he said, "Come here Grayson," and Gray took 4 steps to Josh!  It was so cool.  He did it again and then I said, we have to get the video camera.  So we did and he did it 2 more times for us on video.  So now you can see my big grown up walking boy! :)

I'm such a proud mom right now, I can hardly stand it!

So here are some things Grayson is up to these days-

He also started standing on his own (obviously) about a week or 2 before he started walking. 

Gray loves to help me do the dishes.  If he sees the dishwasher open even a crack he crawls so fast over and opens it up all the way.  Then he does this-
And he also grabs all the silverware out and chews on it.  So very helpful!

He is babbling a lot now and it is so cute!  He used to just scream (happily usually) but now he is doing lots of sounds like "ba" and "ma" and "da" and "ya" and you get the picture. :)

Also yesterday I saw him bend over from standing up, pick something up off the ground, and then stand up straight again.  Another first!

He LOVES to crawl up the stairs so we have to watch him closely. 

He is a busy and active boy.  I can hardly get him to sit still, let alone smile, for a picture lately. 

He is generally a very happy and playful guy and such a joy in our life.  I could write a lot more but we are getting ready to leave for the airport to fly to California.  Woo-hoo!  Then it's off to our beach house tomorrow for a glorious week.  I can't wait.


Betsey Rhames said...

That dishwasher picture reminds me of a similar one that I have of Gus (our black lab) when he was a puppy:)

Grace said...

Aww he is such a cutie and you guys are the cutest parents! have fun in california!