Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Ever Guest Post, Yay for Megan!

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I'm doing my first ever guest post over at The Mrs.  We're doing a blog swap today.  So check it out.  Hopefully I don't do an awful job and scare off her readers.  Come over and give me some encouragement and say, "no Jenna, you don't sound like an idiot!" :) 

You guys are the best.
Also, come back tomorrow for the 100 Followers Giveaway! {FInally}

And here is my first ever guest poster on my blog, Megan!  I'm so excited she's here today!  She is such a sweet person and I just love her.  I wish we lived close so we could real bffs AND bloggy bffs.  Plus her blog is just so great.  Alright, take it away Megan!


Heyy Yall!

Yupp.. you heard that right, I'm VERY southern!

I’ve lived in Millbrook, Alabama all my life, and I love my southern lifestyle!

I surely enjoy blogging, crafting and making jewelry.
I’m currently working on some headbands for flower girls & bridesmaids and have several rosette necklace orders as well! I enjoy making custom jewelry of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Here are a few examples of things I’ve made!

I also enjoy crafting and re-purposing things. Most of the time I buy things at yard sales or thrift stores and repaint them or repurpose them. I enjoy buying gently used clothing at yard sales. I mean, c’mon… It’s the best way to go! $1.00 for designer clothes? Yes please!!!

This one time, I got to guest post over at Vintage Wanna Bee….
This other time, I got to guest post over at House of Sorensens...

Life’s not always butterflies and chocolate milk, though. I get down in the dumps. Sometimes I have a sad-face cloud over my head. I’m not afraid to share that with my readers. I feel alone sometimes… I told my readers about it here.

My latest revelation over at The Mrs. is my linky party. I host an iBelieve link party where folks can share what they believe. Whatever that may be. I personally, choose to follow Christ, and I love sharing how He works in my life through these parties. Recently I shared a little blurb about prayer. Come join the party and share what YOU believe!

I am a newlywed as well. Over at my place I share stories I call “Confessions of a Newlywed.” Here I discuss my love for my husbands feet, his loofa, how much I love him…. And much more!

C’mon over and check out the fun happening at The Mrs! I host giveaways all the time, and am connected with a really great circle of bloggy bffs. Come on over at meet them, too!

Thanks so much for being here Megan!  See, told ya she was amazing!  She's got some mad talent.  Don't forget to come back tomorrow peeps for my 100 Followers Giveaway!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi!! Yay for guest posting!