Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 Years with My Eternal Sweetheart

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Today, June 7th, is Josh and my 3rd anniversary!  

Woo-hoo people- 3 whoppin' years!

We were married on 06-07-08.  Pretty sweet date, huh?  And we didn't even plan it that day on purpose.  We had limited dates to choose from, and that was the one that worked.  My roommate later pointed out to me that it was 6-7-8. Turns out a few other bloggers I know have the exact same anniversary!  Melanie of Reasons to Skip the Housework, Maggie of Gussy Sews, and Kate of See Kate Blog are also celebrating their 3rd anniversaries today as well.  Happy anniversary to you guys too!

 {a couple of our engagement shots}

I'm so grateful that I was married to this handsome guy 3 years ago in the Orlando Florida Temple.

He is the best, most amazing man in the world.  Which makes me the luckiest girl in the world!  I don't know exactly what I did to make him fall in love with me, but I'm so glad he did.  He so kind, patient, does not get upset easily {unlike me}, sweet, and gives the best cuddles ever.  Which is great since I LOVE cuddling, like all. the. time.  Whenever possible.  I'm definitely a touch gal of the 5 love languages.

 {left- coming out the temple right after getting married. right- walking around the temple grounds}

I love you honey bunch!  I'm so happy we have had these 3 wonderful years together.  And that we still have many more in the future.  Thanks for the being the best.  I love you infinity!

Here are couple recent pictures of us.

Still bissfully happy 3 years later.  Although a lot less pictures of us together now.  Like, a ton less.  Because most of our pictures are now of this guy.  :)
 Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!