Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What A Schmuck

This is Jenna's husband writing this post, I am not really part of your blogging world but I guess I might be considered a guest blogger (even though I live in the same household as Jenna).  So as you may have read, yesterday was our anniversary.  Despite all of you being aware of that fact yesterday, I was not on board.  I am currently studying for my Board exams in med school and so in an attempt to have a complete day dedicated to our anniversary, Jenna and I decided to postpone celebrations until later in July.  Like an idiot, I then proceeded to forget about our actual anniversary date and focus on my studies.  Around rolled June 7th and I did not think twice about it.  The sad thing is that Jenna was not expecting any grand gesture (she knew that we had moved plans to a future date), all I needed to do was acknowledge that I remember that it was actually our anniversary and say "Happy Anniversary, Honey" at some point during the day.  I failed, big time.  Some day after time has passed we will look back at this and be like "Remember that time I had to study 12 hours a day getting ready for my exam and I forgot our anniversary.  I can't believe that happened. That is so unlike me, how funny"  Unfortunately, one day is not enough time to have that conversation.

So right now I am sitting in the dog house and composing this blog entry to try and begin my slow climb back into my wife's good graces so that hopefully around this time next year she will again write about how blissfully happy she is to be married to me (because she might be already considering retracting yesterday's blog entry).

I now present to you 100 reasons why I love my wife (in no particular order):
1. She is the most beautiful girl in the whole world
2. She makes the most wonderful dinners every night
3. She lets me eat pizza for dinner way more than she would prefer to
4. She can kick my trash at a game of Disney Princess Memory (or any game of memory)
5. She will never let me win at a game
6. She let me take our only computer with me on a trip I needed make to Vancouver and went computerless for almost a week
7. Sometimes she stops tickling me when I ask her to
8. She has the prettiest eyes you've ever seen (like a Disney Princess)
9. She has organized our whole house like I never believed possible
10. She always gets me the best gifts for special occasions
11. She is so creative with decorations and designing things
12. She finds time go to the gym almost every day and exercise
13. She is the best mom in the world to our son
14. She loves to watch my favorite shows with me (Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and The Office)
15. She can somehow tell the difference between millimeters of closeness when I am cuddling her (literally)
16. No body has ever loved me more than her
17. She is the sexiest wife ever
18. She is incredibly supportive of the time commitment it takes for me to be in med school
19. She help me to have better habits of reading the scriptures and saying prayers
20. The way she makes Grayson laugh
21. She also hates cold weather and so we will gladly move to California or Florida together in the future
22. She could never forget our anniversary or my Birthday or anything
23. She also loves to sleep in
24. She is so patient with me
25. Her tolerance of my love of watching US soccer and BYU sports
26. She is so cute she got pulled up on stage to dance with Wayne Brady when we went to see a taping of Don't Forget the Lyrics
27. She lets me play soccer as often as I get the chance
28. She supports me in my goals to learn to play the piano and do well in my studies
29. She is so dedicated in her service callings at our church
30. She has great taste in music (in general)
31. My family adores her
32. I love sleeping next to her and cuddling her at night
33. She is an incredible kisser
34. No body makes skinny jeans look like she does
35. She loves playing board games and card games
36. Her intelligence
37. Her ability to learn new skills like couponing and sewing
38. Her high standards of dress and morality
39. She is the first and only girl I will ever sleep with
40. She loves to go to Disneyland and Disney World (I think we have been at least once every year so far)
41. Her crazed infatuation with chocolate (she had 7 cavities last time she went to the dentist)
42. Her laugh
43. The way she looks in her swimsuit
44. How she takes care of me when I am sick
45. She gives me great back scratches
46. No one can beat her head scratches
47. She won't let me forget how bad she wants a dog
48. Did I mention she is gorgeous
49. I never get sick of being around her
50. She chooses to be a stay at home mom
51. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and it doesn't slow her down
52. She is the only reason I eat any vegetables or fruits
53. She will do anything to make me happy
54. The way she makes me laugh
55. No one is ever more proud of me
56. The way she misses me when I'm gone
57. She will occasionally put up with watching a "guy" type movie with me
58. She will never say no to dessert
59. She loves the Price is Right
60. The runs the house in an incredible way (budgets and meal planning) so that I can focus on other things
61. We make the cutest kids
62. She puts up with my mistakes in the most understanding way
63. Her legs are spectacular
64. She is an amazing speller (I use spell check like my life depends on it)
65. She is the one who always remembers to take pictures
66. She puts up with my overactive thriftiness
67. She loves to start listening to Christmas music as early as possible
68. She can dejunk and not accumulate "stuff in our house"
69. She is obedient to the commandments and puts the Lord first
70. She is happy
71. I know when we go to a restaurant she will always order the same thing that she knows she likes
72. I know that no matter what she will always be there for me
73. She can put up with my snoring
74. She was an amazing elementary school teacher and her kids loved her
75. She tells me how handsome I am
76. She went to tons of my intramural soccer games in undergrad.
77. She can laugh at a good prank
78. I believe she once told her family that something would only happen with "birds fly!"
79. She constantly forgives me when I don't have dinner plans for saturday (the only day I am responsible for)
80. She does the dishes while she prepares dinner so there is less for me to do every night.
81. She buys me new shoes when she thinks my current Converse have too many holes in them
82. If she hurts something, my kisses actually seem to make it feel better
83. She is the sun in the garden of my life
84. I find myself loving her more and more everyday
85. She lets me wear my "old man" knit sweater in public
86. If I'm sitting in church and I can't feel her hip touching mine then I feel awkward
87. She comes up with creative ideas for dates
88. She comes from a great family that I love being around
89. She always comes inside the airport to meet me and gives me the biggest hug
90. We both love Panda Express (this is a bigger deal than you might think)
91. She has a beautiful singing voice
92. I know Grayson and our future kids will have the best example and will be raised well
93. She put up with being pregnant and the whole birthing process remarkably well (I'm so glad it was her and not me)
94. She always pulls out the comics from the sunday paper and sets them aside for me
95. She writes me love notes
96. When she worked and I was in school and we took turn making lunches, the lunches she made for me were always way better than the lunches I made for myself
97. She gets up with Gray during the night time cry fests and lets me rest
98. She works harder than anyone to make or family great
99. She is the prettiest creature I ever laid eyes on
100. She will be my wife for eternity and I will always be thrilled about that.


Just the 3 of Us said...

Super super sweet... the list of 100 things...not forgetting your anniversary :)

Shelley said...

I read every single one. I wonder if that was enough to get you out of the dog house? :-) Good luck, Josh! And Jenna, your hubby obviously loves you SO much!! I always worry Michael will forget a birthday or anniversary so I always remind him several times. Just a thought for the future! ;-)

The Rhoton Family said...


Rick and Kori said...

Wow! I'm impressed he made a list of 100 things! Very cool. You are definitely all those things too Jenna :)

Angelyn said...

OH OH OH!!! I LOVE #21

She also hates cold weather and so we will gladly move to ...[blah blah]... Florida together in the future.


Betsey Rhames said...

My favorites: #40, #41, #59, #67, and #71 because they remind me of her mother (me):)

danddgraham said...

I really love this post!