Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beach House Vacay Part 1

Today is our 3rd day at the beach house and it has been absolutely wonderful.  These first 3 days it has been my hubby's immediate family and friends.  Starting tomorrow and the rest of the time will be the family reunion part.  So lots of extended family will be coming in. 

The first day we spent some time at Serra Cross Park to eat and kill time waiting to check into the beach house.  It was a way pretty park and had a beautiful view.

Once we got there we just relaxed, played games, went grocery shopping for the week, and just enjoyed each others company.

Day 2 was surfing for the hubby and beach time for everyone!

The beach is literally in the back yard.  You walk down some steps and there is the water.

Pretty cool huh?!

 The day started out cloudy but the sun came out it was great.  We did some boogie boarding and the waves were huge.  I also got sun burned.  Should've used sunscreen I guess. :) We also went into the hot tub with the little boys.  Don't worry, it wasn't actually hot.  It was more like bath water. 

Day 3, today, is Sunday.  So no swimming or surfing.  But lots of fun, hanging out, and playing games.  We also went to church this morning.

My good lookin' boys.

 Look at all those handsome fellas!
{Josh and Gray, and my nephews Drew and Jackson.}

We have been having lots of fun and there are still 4 more days.  Family Reunion, here we come!


Shelley said...

I'm so jealous! That looks like so much fun!!

Betsey Rhames said...

It looks wonderful! I love all of the pictures, How do you make those collages?

Amber said...

That looks amazing! Have fun and give Jenn, Drew and Jackson a hug for me.

The Miller's said...

Cute Family! Makes me want a vacation ASAP! :)

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Jamie said...

Great pictures! I'm sure it was an amazing vacation!!!